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“The introduction of equipment, must not enter other people, otherwise they do not enter.” This is caused by a device update Liu’s advanced sense of the Hohhot Daily News printing plant manager last year, has just won the “China Printing Industry 100 Technology Innovation model “title.

Hohhot Daily News printing plant is home more than 50 years-old state-owned factories, in the eyes of Liu Zhiyi, 2007 is a leap year of printing. This year, the printing press as a whole moved to Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinqiao, the new plant nearly 6,000 square meters; this year, the printing purchased four shaft tower Offset printing Rotary press, while the introduction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s first CTP?? Kore “Ray Pa” CTP.

CTP, fly into homes of ordinary people
“CTP market at the time, most foreign brands, prices are more expensive.” Liu To put the choice of a kore two reasons: First, to support national brand; Second, domestic CTP cheap. In 2007, kore independent innovation, “Ray Pa” Thermal CTP developed, in order to meet the technological upgrading of small and medium printing needs, kore play “high-quality, low price” on the cover, Liu Zhiyi is have aimed this time.

CTP Hohhot Daily News printing plant for the benefits of lots, the first is to reduce the process, greatly improve the efficiency of production. “Newspapers print the most about aging, post office time transmitters are fixed, false positives, but a large accident.” In addition, CTP improved the quality of newspaper printing. “Digital prepress and printing process of rationalizing the two areas, the color can be directly tracked Management , Color newspaper printing is not a problem. “

“Do not skeptical about machine-made.” This is Liu Zhiyi from experience, more than two years in the past, “Ray Pa” CTP running in good condition. “Even if problems kore technical staff can also arrived in time, maintenance time, printing employees have to go with the now common ailments can also rule out the possibility of our own.” This year in January, caused by an introduction of the first LIU two sets kore CTP has also been put into use. “Now all of the printing press printing using CTP, the traditional Imagesetter Contact only for odd jobs. “The second piece of equipment into the plant, the kore is also printing the old CTP was to maintain and upgrade.

According to Liu Zhiyi, at present the region’s 12 League City, Inner Mongolia, a total of 16 printing companies have 20 sets of CTP, start printing more and more and can not do without this new technology.

Three “no problem” problem Liu Zhiyi
hard work in the printing sector 40 contains, as the Daily News printing plant in Hohhot leadership positions are the last 20 years, the industry has a deep understanding of the situation on the CTP development in China in recent years, with deep feelings.

“CTP into China is not a short time, but development is not fast, which is Why?” Many people believe that hinder the CTP development for three reasons, one, CTP prices were too high, can not afford; Second, Plate High price is not worth; Third, equipment is difficult, difficult to maintain. Liu Zhiyi has said, “These problems are now not a problem.”

“Light has imagesetter and unable to newspapers, have to buy a lot of auxiliary equipment, such as Plate These 7788’s money together, buy a CTP for more money than light. “To one abacus Liu Jing, He also revealed that the introduction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as the first station CTP, so kore in all respects to a great support.” CTP domestic launch, will also shake up the price of foreign brands, which Those of us is good news for SMEs. “

The plate prices, Liu said the current situation caused by one has, in turn, more cost-effective use of CTP plates. He calculated that an account: a dozen manufacturers of domestic existing CTP plates, break the monopoly of foreign companies, so prices plummet. CTP plates are now made about 40 yuan per square meter price; PS version Material price 28 yuan per square meter? 30 yuan, the price of traditional film is about 38 yuan per square meter, 22 add, the price nearly 70 per.

“Do not overestimate the CTP deep and inscrutable, this technology is not complicated, not difficult to operate than the imagesetter.” Liu induced an introduction Road, printers computer shop, typesetting workshop ordinary workers can operate CTP, only need a little know some computer knowledge, skilled female workers can operate.

Hohhot Daily Hohhot Daily News printing plant main printing, Hohhot Evening News, Dairy Times, the three newspapers, many community newspapers print job. “With the CTP, a number of clients can print through the network a licensing round.”

“Paper printing though less, but they are a rush, the traditional method of printing, both added and labor costs.” Hohhot Daily News printing plant for printing a document printed authorities, Liu cause a next step would be to consider the introduction of digital printing machine, the technological innovation model of “science and technology are primary productive forces” fully understood, but also pay close attention to technology upgrading have tasted the real sweetness. SABUNG AYAM
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