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Best ten Chuck E Cheese Animatronic Malfunctions | Chuck E. Cheese History

Chuck E. Cheese restaurants are excellent entertainment centers that provide enjoyable for the complete family! Soon after the Disney animatronic malfunctions and your ideas, right here is some Chuck E Cheese history and the top 10 Chuck E Cheese Animatronic Malfunctions from Chuck E Cheese restaurants across North America. 1 of the major draws of the Chuck e Cheese restaurants has been its animatronic figures with the Chuck E Cheese Show. Some Showbiz Pizza Place restaurants had it’s own animatronic show, and they have been converted to the Chuck E Cheese character animatronics. A lot of the animatronics are now showing their age and put on. *** DON”T Overlook TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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Original Chuck E. Cheese Malfunction Complete-Videos
#ten-Chuck E Cheese FAIL!!! – Lima, Ohio
#9- Chuck E. Cheese’s: “Enjoyable For All”-March 2017-Attleboro, MA (Broken Show)
#eight- Pasqually Mustache Fail:
#7- Helen Henny preforming without having her lower jaw:
Helen Henny preforming without having the back of her head:
#six- Show 4 2016 Glitches:
Out of this World! Pizzacam Edition! Richmond VA CEC:
#five- Chuck E Cheese Character:
#4 Out of this World! Pizzacam Edition! Richmond VA CEC:
#3- Chuck E Cheese!:
#2- Chuck E Cheese and Pasqually//1970’s//Burlington:
#1- Chuck e cheese:
Bonus: Chuck E Cheese | Most Epic Fail | Most Epic Mouse | Norwalk, CA:

Intro Videos Utilised
Rockafire band:
Showbiz Pizza industrial from the mid-80s:
1982 Chuck E Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre Commercial:
Chuck E. Cheese Commercial (1996):
Chuck e cheese removal show:
Chuck E. Cheese’s show 1 2017 “Remember That Time”: