Live chat can benefit e-commerce websites

Live chat  can benefit e-commerce websites
With the help of live chat customers can solve their product or other queries and sales needs. Many e-retailers and e-commerce sites are adapting this software so that they can provide quality service to their customers. Many customers are getting used to this new idea. Live chat operators provide 24/7 personalized customer service.
Difference between live chat and telephone chat sessions

If you compare telephone session and live Chat cost you would be amazed to know the difference. You would be amazed to know the difference in cost between a live and telephone chat. According to Forrester research, on an average a live chat session would cost somewhere $ 3 – $ 5, while an average telephone session costs about $ 10. Some estimate that an average chat session would cost about one dollar and telephone chat could cost somewhere $ 6 – $ 20. Cost could vary based on the customer’s needs in different industries.
Better customer satisfaction:

It provides more satisfaction to customers as it provides:

• 24/7 service

• Fast and easy to use

• No need to put your personal details

Live chat is effective for vendors:

• If a live salesperson wants to chat with a customer he can send an invitation while customer is browsing, but in case of telephone a sales representative can call a customer who asks for help.

• More than half of e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned as customers don’t know how to fill an order page. Live chat software helps those customers who are confused or don’t know how to fill an order page.• An enquiry can be converted into a sale. Various retailers estimate that this software can convert a prospective client to a buyer. Many retailers say live chat can make a sale of 20%.

• With the help of live chat software, customer sales representatives can know the history of the caller. Is this a regular complainer or just shooting the breeze? Is the customer a spend thrift?

• It is useful to management as it gives written details on every call. Management can know how well a customer service representative performs when given a task. They can make an analysis of the queries made by the customers and that data can help the company in improving their performance.

• Pre-set messages can be set up for most frequent queries which saves customer representatives time.

• Live chat support is much faster than email and telephone.

• As customer representatives chat with the consumer, they will get real time data as to what are customer’s requirements. If a company is not providing a particular service, it can work on that and provide that missing services to its customers.

• Visitors love those websites that provide quick solutions to their problems through chatting.

• Visitors who get quick answers to their questions stay longer which leads to buying more products and creates more confidence in your company. That’s why many auto dealers worldwide rely on this software for contacting visitors which helps in building trust and long term relations with customers.

Apart from e-commerce sites, this software can be used by tour operators, Automobile industry, Web hosting companies; Health care industry the list is endless.

Nowadays all the educational institutions have websites so that students can visit them and get information regarding various courses offered by them. Even though there is lot of information on the website, still students have more questions on their mind which are unanswered. They may require clarification on various issues before selecting the institute. In such a scenario, live chat software would be of great help to students. With the help of live chat software, customer representatives can engage students/parents to visit their website for live conversation. Then both the parties can chat and students query can be solved. Representatives can answer all types of queries from courses available, eligibility criteria for a particular field and other important information. When students get all the details their confidence will increase which will increase institutions enrollment.

These are just a few examples, live chat software can be used for various businesses.

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