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Thai airline trains transsexuals for cabin crew

(21 Feb 2011)
AP Television
Pattaya, Thailand – Might 15th, 2009
1. Various of Sorrawee Nattee, winner of the 2009 Miss Tiffany’s Universe transvestite beauty contest, getting presented with her crown by the 2008 winner, Kangsadarn Wongkurusakul
AP Television
Bangkok, Thailand – February 9th, 2011
two. Pull out from one particular of the students to mid of class attending a makeup coaching course at P.C. Airline Headquarters, Bangkok
three. Mid of a make up instructor teaching in the classroom
four. Tilt up from legs to mid of group of students attending education course
five. Close of make up becoming applied to the face of one of the students
6. Pan appropriate from make up table to instructor in front of class
7. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) Nathatai Sukkaset, transsexual aged 26, from Bangkok:
“When I was young I wanted to be a flight attendant simply because they looked gorgeous. They dragged along their onboard cases (at the airport) and they went abroad. It really is my dream. When I grew up I applied to many airlines but I was repeatedly turned down. However, right now I am so happy that I am accepted.”
eight. Mid of the make up instructor demonstrating face cleaning
9. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) Dissanai Chitpraphachin, transsexual aged 23, from Mahasarakam Province:
“I want folks to open up their hearts and accept our operate. Please judge us by our function, not since of our sex.”
10. Tilt down from face of Chayathisa Nakmai, transsexual, to her hands with polished nails, folded on her legs
11. Mid of instructor demonstrating tactics to the class
12. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) Chayathisa Nakmai, transsexual aged 24, from Bangkok:
“I take into account myself to be like a typical lady. I realize that when a new point like this takes place, people will draw focus to us. And because of that we require to put higher effort into our operate. Nonetheless, all of us want to be air hostesses and we are service minded, so I’m confident that we will execute our job well.”
13. Set up of Peter Chan, president of P.C. Air sitting at the desk in his workplace
14. Close of Chan opening documents
15. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) Peter Chan, President, P.C. Air:
“For ‘ladyboys’ we have to make positive that they are not only educated and able to speak English, but their voices and personalities need to be naturally feminine.”
16. Mid of trainees, naturally born female, attending a hairdressing class
17. Mid of hairdressing instructor displaying the class how to dress hair for flight attendants
18. Close of a female trainee seeking at herself in the mirror although her hair is getting dressed by the instructor
19. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) Sirikate Parithatpreeda, a naturally born lady aged 27, from Bangkok:
“I do not feel stress (functioning with them). An individual created a joke saying that they are a lot more lovely, but I never take it seriously and I see that it is funny. There is no jealousy amongst us.”
20. Pull out from the hands of a tailor buttoning up the jacket of the airline’s uniform for a female flight attendant trainee
21. Mid of a tailor assisting a student to put on the jacket of the airline’s uniform
22. Close of uniforms being hung on the rack
23. Mid of a tailor assisting a student to adjust the uniform
24. Mid of a transsexual searching at herself in the mirror even though a tailor adjusts the uniform
Pattaya, Thailand – Might 19th, 2006
25. Numerous of the Miss Tiffany’s Universe transvestite beauty contest, Pattaya, 2006
Bangkok is 1 of the transsexual capitals of the globe.
Now 1 enterprising Thai airline is offering trans-gender trainees the opportunity to train as in-flight hosts and hostesses.
Each and every one of them was born a boy.
Indistinguishable amongst the class of thirty trainees are four transsexuals.

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