Looking at the eBook Reader Comparison

People, from all walks of life, are now up for those Electronic Book Reader. When the first Kindle by Amazon was released, reading has never been the same again, and it keeps on getting better. Great innovations in the world of reading didn’t stop. As a matter of fact, another one has been out to get rid of the imperfections of the previous versions. See for yourself what this product has to offer by reading on that Kindle DX Review online.

As the third version of Amazon’s Kindle, this device is designed to eliminate real issues with the older versions-the initial Kindle and Kindle 2. Physically, it has a larger screen at approximately 10 inches. Hence, it ensures a much better reading experience. Its standard measure is at 7.2 x 0.4 x 10.4 inches. Its weight is at 1.1 pounds.

This device comes preloaded with many useful and amazing features. To enumerate, it offers 5-way controller, built-in PDF reader, auto-rotating screen, read-to-me, built-in dictionary, and the text-to-speech. In addition, it also comes with an inclinometer; so, you can easily flip it sideways or upside down. The power adapter, a USB 2.0 cable, and the battery, these are just some of the things that are included in its package.

Still other features of this device are its use of a 9.7 E-Ink display type and a 1200 x 824 resolution. Hence, it enables you to perfectly read everything on the screen. Furthermore, audio speakers are already built-in to it, plus it allows you to play music that has MP3 format. It also enables you to read texts in various formats like DOC, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, and PRC. Various still image formats, such as BMP, GIF, PNG, and JPEG, are likewise supported.

This time, acquiring all the books, magazines, and newspapers that you wanted to read is made perfectly easy with this product. Through its built-in 3G wireless connectivity, you can already download everything you need wherever you are, whenever you want to. There’s no need to search for an available wireless network anymore. Everything you do online is now doable straight from this device. What’s even great is that it provides access to those best-selling books for a very low cost.

Currently, online stores display numerous brands of Portable Reader. They differ mainly on their features, capabilities, and prices. A QWERTY keyboard, plus several inputs including a hi-speed USB, headphones, and mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, these are just few of the things that are present in the latest DX. Its battery life is designed to last for a longer period of time before it needs to be recharged. In fact, it can be used for 4 hours of straight use. Its service and support warranty is good for 1 year.

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