Looking For A Celebrated Film? Check Out These Excellent Film Commentary

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Kimberley Jim – Little musical of 2 pleased-go-fortunate gamblers who win a fortune in a fixed poker game, and then have a modify of heart. Cast includes Jim Reeves, Madeleine Guide, Clive Pamell, Arthur Swemmer, and Mike Holt. (82 minutes, 1965)

Live Flesh – Infatuated youngster of a prostitute is jailed for accidentally shooting and paralyzing a cop. Original account of teenager’s error that takes him to prison. Spanish language. Cinematically stimulating, albeit, with a bravura finale. Cast involves Pedro Almodovar, Liberto Rabal, Francesca Neri, Javier Bardem, Angela Molina, Jose Sancho, and Penelope Cruz. (one hundred minutes, 1997)

Red Sun – East meets West in this unexpected account of a samurai fighter chasing a pricey Japanese sword stolen from a train crossing the American West. Cast contains Charles Bronson, Ursula Andress, Toshiro Mifune, Alain Delon, and Capucine. (112 minutes, 1972)

The Defiant – A captivating tale of two fugitive convicts, one particular black and a single white who are chained collectively as they escape from prison in the South. Exceptional performances by Williams and Chaney as folks they meet for the duration of the voyage. Academy Prize for screenplay by Harold Jacob Smith and Nathan E. Cast involves Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bike, Charles McGraw, Carnie Williams, and Lon Chaney, Jr. (97 minutes, 1958)

Down to Earth – Homer Croy’s continuation to “They had to See Paris” has nouveau riche Midwesterner Rogers setting an end to his family’s meaningless investing by affirming that he’s broke. Not a single of Will Roger’s best film attempts. Cast includes Can Rogers, Irene Opulent, Dorothy Jordan, and Mary Carlisle. (73 minutes, 1932)

Across llOth Street – Barry Shear handled the directing for this film. 3 black males, masquerading as cops have robbed the mob bank out of over $ 250,000. Now the cops and the mob are in a contest to snare the thieves, and recover the cash. The actors consist of Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto, Anthony Franciosa, Richard Ward, and Paul Benjannin. (1972 Crime-Drama)

Mr. Baseball – Jack Elliot was 1 of baseball’s genuine superstars. He has noticed his very best days, and the Yankees have the subsequent superstar waiting in the wings. They make the selection, and trade their ex- star away. To make issues worse, they trade him to Japan.
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