Looking for a great Nusa Lembongan Yoga retreat?

Yoga is best practised amidst the lavish beauties of nature. Once you have a highly rejuvenating and refreshing ambience and setting around you, you can involve yourself in the yoga practice without any diversions whatsoever and hope to get the best out of it for your health and happiness. We at Svastha-yoga is aware of this and have therefore established a highly classic kind of yoga retreat centre in Nusa Lembongan, one of the paradises on earth with exquisite natural beauty.

Nusa Lembongan is well connected with Bali on 30 minute boat rides. There are several operators offering boat cruise services throughout the day with frequent operations enabling you reach the spot any time you wish. We too have designed all our yoga programs with a great degree of flexibility letting you participate in any segment you wish to and also come and leave during any time of the day you feel convenient. The perfect setting that you find at Nusa Lembongas is ideal for a perfectly relaxing weekend. So, you are at an advantage to combine the yoga practices with a weekly retreat. You can visit our site to check the schedule and attend the program that best suits your needs and expectations.

The coral beach where our yoga retreat centre is situated lets you gain access to a lot of water sports and activities including diving, swimming, cycling, snorkeling and surfing only to name a few. Therefore, this place is the ideal option to visit with your family so that each of the family members get what they have been pining for so long. Each of your family members can benefit from some of the yoga classes we offer. Nusa Lembongan has so much to offer every taste and expectation and therefore is highly sought after by families and groups that wish to refresh and recharge themselves.

There are a number of accommodation and dining options around the yoga centre. They are moderately priced and are highly convenient for individuals, families and groups. Therefore, you can choose from the wide range of options and get the best for your typical needs. While you can make bookings by checking the facilities, prices and availability online, you can also just drop in at any point of tie you want and find great options readily available without any prior booking.

Juju Yoga shala is our proprietary concept evolved specifically with several considerations in mid that shall best suit the needs and expectations of yoga practitioners and yoga retreat lovers. Our facility is ideally located on the sea shore sands of the Jungatbatu beach. We have set up the entire infrastructure in the traditional pattern erecting thatched roof enclosures that facilitate abundant of lighting and ventilation. Therefore, you can participate in the expertly guided yoga sessions while enjoying the finest aspects of nature like the sea breeze and a highly soothing tropical climate. Once you are here to explore all that this yoga centre has to offer amidst the lavish gifts of nature, you are sure to say that the heaven is verily here on this earth.
Sabung Ayam

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