Looking For A Midwife In Calistoga, California?

Why home birth?

The birth of a child is one of the most important events in a family’s life. Far too important to waste on the cookie-cutter experience the hospital offers. You chose all the details that are important to you and they are honored.

You choose who attends your birth and who cares for you. You choose what to eat and drink. Walk, dance or sleep uninterrupted if you want to.  Home birth allows you to do what comes naturally, while your midwife monitors you and your baby in a non-invasive manor.
You don’t have to drive anywhere in labor.  All you have to do is call us and we come to you.  We bring a birth tub and set everything up.

When a woman has privacy and feels supported she can give birth without the stress hormone cortisol slowing down her labor.

After giving birth in the portable tub, you then move to your bed to rest and bond with your baby without unnecessary interventions interfering with the precious moments following your birth.

Newborn babies don’t have words yet to tell you how they feel, but they do have feelings.  For this reason, we treat your new baby with gentleness and respect.

Why water birth?

The benefits are in the relaxation and comfort that warm water provides.
Think about how good it feels to climb into a warm bath after a long stressful day. Once in the tub, you feel any muscle tension melt away.

The key to coping with contractions is to stay relaxed. The use of warm water submersion in labor is one of the best tools available to help you cope with contractions.

Because your baby floats in warm water in your womb during the nine months of pregnancy, the warm water in the birth tub is comforting and familiar.

Babies often don’t cry when they’re born into water. Once they’re brought to the surface, they feel the air on their face and begin breathing. Then they open their eyes and gaze straight into your face.