Looking for the Ideal Partner By Four Questions

How do you know when you have met Mr. or Mrs. right? Which ways to know when you have met Mr and Mrs. right? It is considered as one of the most common questions in the dating game. Unfortunately, they often do not have a concrete answer. This article will target to give you one.


The good news is, choosing the right spouse can base on the criteria including four questions. You will find somebody who meets ll these characteristics and a dramatic increase in your chances of seeking the right person will be evident.


1. What are his or her core values.?

Everybody has a certain basic ethical and moral standard by which they live their life. Such a standard is central to one’s personality. That thing is going to be the most important thing to a person. Before you marry someone, make sure that the two of you have compatible standards.


For example, let’s say the Joe volunteers at the local emergency room. Joanna thinks he’s doing it out of altruism. She thinks he has a heart of gold.


In reality, he loves adventure. the emergency room is full of excitement and adventure, so Joe’s adventurism is expressed by his volunteerism. Later, he might decide to find his adventure somewhere else, and start trying things that might be unpleasant or dangerous.


On the other hand, if Joe’s core value is a commitment to sensitivity and caring, it will be a different story. Everything he does will revolve around that, and Joanna will have a better match.


How do you get to know the true person? Observe. When something is a person’s core value, it will be displayed on a daily basis. If Joe loves adventure, he might drive recklessly, for example if Joanne watches him carefully, she’ll start to notice what his core value is.


On the other hand if Joe’s core value is goodness, Joanna will see this too. He will treat animals kindly. He will not make a big fuss if the waiter makes a small mistake while dining out. he will let let another card cross intersection first.


If Diana follows him carefully, then she’ll see him let go of some of his own desires in order to take care of other people.


So look for someone who is committed at the core to a higher set of values that you can appreciate.


2. Does the other person treat people well?

This is obvious. Someone who treats others well will be more likely to treat you well.


To ascertain this, simply take enough time in order to truly get to know the other person. Pay attention to how they treat others, especially those they are trying to impress or to gain some benefit from. Are they polite, courteous and reasonable? Do they display an even temper? Or do they curse out service people who displease them, drive recklessly and show hostility to others on the road?


You want to observe these behaviors over time. People may put on a false front in order to create the best impression, but they can’t hide their true nature forever. Watch them and you will know how they will treat you after you’re married.


3. Do you communicate well with each other?

This may seem obvious, but I have seen couples fight with each other for seemingly hours over a mere misunderstanding. Then they discovered that they simply weren’t communicating properly “oh you meant this instead of the other thing? Then we agree after all.”


Although this kind of misunderstanding can haven’t everyone, if it happens too often it is not a good sign!


4. Are you and the other person physically attracted to each other?

This is an essential part of marriage. You shouldn’t marry someone if you find them extremely unattractive.


While a man may arrive at this conclusion rather quickly, a woman should take some time. She may not feel initially attracted to a man at first but may find him more and more attractive as time goes on.


Of course, you can base a marriage on physical attraction alone. While it’s important, it’s not the only factor. As a general rule, make sure that physical attraction is there but don’t make it the overriding factor.


These four simple rules can help you go a long way in deciding who is and is not right for you. They could save you a lot of heart ache, you may find yourself walking down the aisle with Mr. or Mrs. right sooner than you think!