Lose the Hate to Lose the Weight

I have always wondered why so many people are having trouble losing weight these days. It all seems to be pretty obvious what needs to be done. It has been repeated time and time again by the news media as well as today’s latest weight loss guru. It’s a simple fact. Eat less and move more!

That the basic chemistry of the matter. If you eat less food, and move more you burn off the stored fat that you have accumulated.  Seems pretty simple right?

Not so fast. If it were that simple everyone would be running around parading their supermodel bodies.

So what is the reason so many Americans cannot get it together to lose the weight?

Well after delving into the matter, there are a few more things that can influence the reason we tend to keep the fat.

It is well known that there is a mind body connection. The mind is indeed the overlord of the body. It sends out signals constantly regulating the body’s task of duties. But it seems to be that emotion plays a big part in the body’s functions as well.

You see the stress turns out to be a very powerful emotion, and it also controls the level of cortisol that the body produces. In turn this cortisol also plays a big part in adding the junk that you may be carrying around in your trunk; to put it nicely.

Further research has uncovered the pent up anger is the key ingredient in driving up your stress levels. In turn this sets in motion the production of more cortisol and thus even more junk for the trunk.

To add to this unwanted outcome, anger (in the form of stress) causes your heart to work harder thus stressing out the circulatory system. This indeed can lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

In light of this not so new discovery, one should make it a point to “Forgive and Forget”.

Now if the thought of you giving into someone else, and forgiving them is killing you; just be patient because inevitably it will.

The moral of the story is simple, in order to be healthier, and a whole lot more sexy; Let it GO1

If you do so, in the end you will be the skinny sexy one who will live a much happier life that the person that you had so much anger for. This satisfaction is worth far more than a stupid old grudge that is literally going to kill you.

So forgive and forget your body will love you for it.