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Just past 2007, China’s milk industry staged Drama Of the scene: the beginning or a “sell back dairy cow” sound, despite drastic changes in the end it has evolved into a “chaotic grab milk.” Recently, the market prices of dairy products also follow suit. Milk price fluctuations, who is behind this? Milk will continue to rise it? “Market News” reporter conducted a survey in some areas.

New Year’s Day, in Hohhot Beijing Hualian Supermarket , “Market News” reporter saw 500 grams Package Of Erie Tetra pillow from 28.80 yuan per case rose to 37.2 yuan, 1 yuan a bag in the past Flexible Packaging Milk also rose to 1.30 yuan. Overall, the Yili, Mengniu, Sanyuan, and other brands of milk, or are around 20%.

Some say that prices can increase milk production of dairy farmers enthusiasm to ease the supply and demand. But the farmers will really benefit from this dairy prices in? Prices of dairy raw materials loss

Cloud Hohhot Tumotezuoqi Review Caine is the town of a village of farmers prime flag, home possessor of six cows. He told the “Market News” reporter: “In recent years, dairy cows fed corn (1694,9,0.53% Stock Bar), hay, straw and Feed Have risen 40%, milk stations can buy raw milk prices have not how up. A few years ago, a cow can earn 3,000 yuan, while the cows are fed a light corn, hay money would have five or six thousand dollars, plus feed would have seven or eight thousand, not including medical care, Insurance , Water and electricity, do not lose money on the already good. “

According to “Market News” to report, the second half of 2007, due to the pressure of rising costs of raw materials, several domestic dairy giants join forces in some cities, first cancellation of the “buy two get one free” promotions such as the form of a milk preparation products, “disguised price increase.” Then, again by the end of the Dairy products The overall price increase, acquisitions raw milk prices have increased correspondingly. It is said that Kennedy introduced, and now raw milk purchase price is 2.3 yuan / kg, approximately around December 20 last year from 1.90 yuan / kg, the price rose up.

Built in 1999 milk Station, Hohhot soil Zuoqi, the total number of cows in Heihe village had once reached 1,700 long, starting from last spring, farmers have been dealing with cows, to the rest of 1200 now at the most. It is understood that the villagers mainly by dairy cows fed corn and feed corn from 2005 to 1.0 yuan / kg rose to the current 1.30 yuan / kg. The recent period, have concentrated feed per hundred pounds to 50 yuan 10 yuan increase.

Heihe Village, said director Zhang million, raw milk prices have climbed up, but the government is also concerned that the regulation of the market price of concentrate feed, or may be turned into a numbers game, dairy farmers are still not much the end interests. The price of dairy

disorderly competition Although life difficult, but individual farmers cloud Caine, that was very envious of Dairy Omura’s. According to him, and now some dairy cattle Omura competition between stations was very tragic, purchase price has been achieved from 2.60 to 2.70 yuan / kg.

According to industry sources, the recent tensions with the milk, milk collection competition. Many companies are carrying cash home income from house to house milk, milk powder plant small, small Dairy Studios were forced beach village of competition for milk cows, has no price system to speak of.

Recently, Erie Group Chairman Gang Pan That if the raw milk prices continue to go up next year, Yili Group, the increased costs of light on milk income will be several million dollars, companies will be unable to afford such cost pressures. Therefore, the Erie dairy products do not rule out the possibility of further price increases. SABUNG AYAM