Low-E Glass in Energy Efficient Windows

For those who are purchasing windows, either for new construction or as replacement windows, you may be impressed by the sheer numbers of possibilities, ranging from the very easy to the very complex. One of the things you will frequently encounter among these options is low-E glass.

Low-E stands for low emissivity, and is the ability of a particular surface to radiate energy. Low-E glass is completed by utilizing a non-visible, microscopic metal coating or metallic oxide to the surface of a pane of glass. This coating reflects the part of the light spectrum that transmits heat, reducing the total amount of heat the escapes or enters the home from the windows. This keeps a more comfortable, consistent temperature in the home year-round. Low-E windows also block UV rays, reducing fading to furniture and other items.

There are two varieties of metallic low-E coating: a tough coat along with a soft coat. A hard coat is manufactured by applying tin directly to the molten glass. To build a soft coat, silver is applied right after the glass has set. Of the two, soft coat low-E glass has better insulating properties. Even the placement of the low-E shell is extremely important. The specific position of the metallic covering produces a significant difference in just how the window directs heat. This is exactly why, different placements must be used for different climates. In colder areas, where retaining heat is mostly a priority, the low-E finish need to be applied to the inside pane of glass. This keeps heat from escaping your home, not to mention will save on winter heating and cooling prices. When it comes to milder weather, the intention usually is to stop high temps from getting into the house, therefore layer should certainly be applied to the exterior pane of glass. Doing this reflects hot temperatures returning out and keeps the A/C bills low.

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