Low-Maintenance Plants For The Busy People


Plants add a different touch to our homes. Plants can be used to complement both the interior and exterior space of the house. They are the only living things that could be used to accent other lifestyle homewares. However, unlike other home décor, they need to be regularly taken care of. Which is why using plants as home accents may not be a good option for the busy homeowner. The good news is that, there are other plants that do not require regular maintenance. These plants will give your home the same “natural” appeal as other high maintenance plants.

When choosing low-maintenance plants, it would be best to talk to some gardening experts for advice. These plants need to be able to adapt to the climate and the soil in your home. Here are some plants to consider.

Lomandra. Lomandra is very easy to maintain. This plant has narrow and strap-like leaves that grow in Australia. They form tussocks that reach 1 meter high. They also bear creamy flowers on spiny stems. If you want a plant that will accentuate your interior, consider Tanika. Tanika is a variety of the Lomandra. It is very versatile because it can grow in the sun or in frost. It remains green throughout the year and suits different soil types.

Camellia. Aside from their glossy and attractive leaves, what make Camellias stunning are their gorgeous white, red, or pink flowers. They are sure to brighten up every room. Water them 3 times a week and they are sure to live for many years.

Japanese Sacred Bamboo. Even if you’re away from your home for weeks, you don’t have to worry about taking care of your Japanese Sacred Bamboo. These plants are evergreen in color and features upright shrubs with bamboo-like stems. They also bear red berries and white flowers which are sure to perfectly accentuate your foliage.

New Zealand Flax. These plants have long and sword-shaped leaves. The leaves come in different colors depending on the variety. These plants thrive best in any type of climates.

Bird Of Paradise. These plants bear beautiful orange and blue flowers that will bring life to any home. The Birds of Paradise are hardy clumping plants. They come in spoon shapes and have grey-green leaves.

Just like picking any lifestyle fashion accessory, picking plants for your house need to be carefully thought of as well. You don’t just pick one because it’s pretty to look at, you also consider maintenance requirements.

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