Lung Cancer: Better And Faster Diagnosis With Endo-bronchial Ultrasound (e-bus)

Nowadays, cancer is one of the most recognized diseases. It has grown acknowledgment after news about well-known personalities who were diagnosed and later died of cancer was made public. Many even claim that cancer is a disease of the rich because of the extravagant cost that people need for its diagnosis and treatment.

However, statistics have shown that no one is spared from this disease as cases of cancer continue to increase across the globe inflicting people from different race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.

Cancer is about to take the place of heart disease as the number one killer according to the statement given by the World Health Organization. It is actually a disease caused by cell abnormalities on which the cells function differently from how they are supposed to be. This cell abnormalities form lumps or tumors that can lead to cancer if malignant.

There are several types of cancer. Since the human body is made up of cells, abnormality of cells may occur in any part. If the cell abnormality starts in the lungs, then it is called lung cancer. Basically, a cancer is named after the body part where it originated. So, you can imagine the existence of brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and any organs or body parts followed by cancer.

Among all those types of cancer, lung cancer has shown great threat as it is considered the number one killer cancer in many countries. But like other cancers, this one is not easy to bear and detect. Its symptoms can be likened to that of other pulmonary ailments. So, in order for it to be discovered, one must be extra watchful of his body and the signs that his body is telling him.

Like any other disease, early detection is necessary for successful treatment and cure.

In the past, discovering whether a person has lung cancer usually takes a long time and requires tedious and invasive procedures. But thanks to the continuous research and study in the medical field, another breakthrough was made possible to enhance the diagnosis of lung cancer to immediately start treatment, improve its success, and avoid invasive procedure. This new procedure is called endo-bronchial ultrasound.

Endo-bronchial ultrasound is a great technology as it combines bronchoscope and ultrasound plus it permits biopsy without surgery. With these three procedures combined, detecting lung cancer and diagnosing its stage or spread is made more accurate, safer, and even faster.

Result of endo-bronchial ultrasound is deemed more accurate because of the real-time display of the trachea, lymph nodes, lungs, and blood vessels in a better view. Also, areas which are usually difficult to access or are not directly visible using the traditional method can now be examined with this new one.

It is safer because it is categorized as a minimally evasive procedure. While the traditional biopsy where incision is necessary poses a risk of having a blood vessel bleeding that could further lead for the lungs to collapse, this new method eliminates that risk with biopsy without incision.

Fast result is necessary for a higher success. Also, it helps lessen the stress and tension among patients. This new technique requires little time and patients are allowed to go home the same day with minimal efforts to recover from the procedure.

Medical doctors who have performed this new procedure have nothing but good remarks. In a one-time procedure, they could actually do their patients assessment with better specificity and sensitivity which was not possible in some cases with the use of traditional methods. And no serious complication has been reported related to the use of endo-bronchial ultrasound.

Lung cancer can be treated best with early and accurate detection. Stop that cancer cells from growing with all the best possible treatments that can be best advised to you by your doctors with the use of this highly innovative endo-bronchial ultrasound.

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