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SINGAPORE Network Information, according to Voice of China “CNR news” 22:40 reported that in the field of cosmetics, foreign brands have absolute market advantage. More than 78% of the consumers and will give priority to foreign cosmetics. Then, local cosmetics brands than foreign brands is really easy to use it? The face of this seems to obviousness question to answer, industry experts said it “is not so.”

Cosmetics consumption in China has been apparent in the “worshiper of foreign things,”
Industry experts point out, cosmetic ingredients and raw materials suppliers have basically globalization, foreign brands and local brands in the composition, technically there is no gap. At present, “epidermal growth factor (EGF)” is a very popular ingredient, according to testing, the current quality of the best and most stable EGF is made in China, and the composition of the Japanese EGF80% of the total market. “You could say that China is not bad technology, no less good material.” He is a senior industry experts also pointed out that raw materials, cosmetics, raw materials prices were similar, the raw materials of foreign capital is not the big expensive than local brands, but the price is higher than many domestic brands. For example, he said, CHANEL’s Precision Series is one of the main active ingredient “five peptides”, which also was good snow composition, use of local brands such as natural together, but CHANEL market price of the series of high scores than local brands times. Similarly, an example of Elizabeth Arden’s a night-time repair night cream contains a kind of soothing plant extracts, the local brands at will also have to use, “but the price of two products is a great difference.”

Laments an expert on this, the Chinese cosmetics consumption has been noticeable, “worshiper of foreign things,” apart from the early years of domestic brands due to quality problems and drop some of the shadow, the more overwhelming because the foreign brands, is not seamless into the campaign. Words: foreign cosmetics have been “deified” phenomenon.

Called “high tech” the report actually spend money on
In our survey, 45% of consumers believe that foreign cosmetics in more technologically advanced, based primarily on foreign cosmetics often mentioned in propaganda ” laboratory research centers that “,” study found that “the study report. Done in foreign brands Sell Wang, with BoA (a pseudonym) told reporters that the field of cosmetics there is a “validation propaganda” rule, the so-called laboratory or research report released mostly cosmetic company’s “technology smokescreen” will only Advertisement Wrapped with scientific terminology.

Content of less than 0.00001% still claimed that “natural,”
Cosmetics Civil Engineers (a pseudonym) that “natural” does not imply that the consumer products, synthetic ingredients, “but in fact only slightly to look at the ingredient list, you will find most of the ingredients has nothing to do with plants, not to mention the so-called of Organic Plant a. “

Skin from foreign experts also pointed out that no research to prove that the natural ingredients of the composition than the synthetic skin is more beneficial, in fact, many natural ingredients are toxic, will be formed on the skin irritation.

Organic does not mean that other innocent pay for the publicity stunt
In the survey, 18% of consumers said they liked foreign organic cosmetics, because “they are more natural and safer” and “non-essence of the flavor is very light.” Press survey found that the State did not present the “organic cosmetics” clear standards, foreign organic certification is also varied, many of the brand in their promotional materials imply, organic products, such as “the raw materials from pure natural organic cultivation of plants “and so on, playing” organic “word games.

A bottle of two SPF value would mislead consumers

In the survey, the group also “foreign brand two SPF value” of the issue, saying the practice is to drill holes and regulations. SABUNG AYAM