Luxi Chemical 100 000 Dmf Project A Success Of The Feed Drive – Luxi Chemical, Dmf, Project –

HC plastic mesh News: Our annual output of 100,000 tons methylamine / 100,000 tons of dimethylformamide (DMF) project last week driving a successful feeding. “May 10, Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Jiang Jitao said excitedly.

Response to financial crisis, Luxi Chemical invest 4.852 billion yuan last year, construction of the annual output of 200,000 tons of organic silicon, 120,000 tons of methane chloride, 16 tons of melamine, 200,000 tons methylamine / 20 tons of dimethyl methyl formamide (DMF), 30 tons of urea by-product of 60,000 tons of methanol and other five projects, now has three completed the first phase.

According to reports, the financial crisis and the excess capacity of the dual impact of fertilizer market suffered a downturn in recent years, rare, long-term low fertilizer prices hovering, fertilizer largest fertilizer enterprise in Shandong province, also do not have to face sales Chang, shortage of funds, lower performance, productivity is difficult to play effectively the multiple pressures. Shandong Chemical Fertilizer Association juan that the adjustment of product structure, product diversification away roads, diverting excess capacity in the enterprise, to avoid the most effective means of market risk.

According to Jiang Jitao, as early as the end of 2008, Luxi Chemical Group to determine the structural adjustment, industrial chain extension project ideas. New on silicone, methane chloride, DMF, methylamine, melamine products are relying on main business around the company’s product development strategy extension. The company’s main products are urea, methanol, and chlorine, methane chloride in methanol and chlorine as raw materials, organic silicon with methane as the main raw material and silicon chloride reacted with methylamine in methanol and ammonia as raw materials, while the DMF Youyi A amines as raw materials. After completion of the project, Luxi Chemical to form a coal chemical, salt, chemicals, silicon chemical industry chain, the development of fine chemical products. At the same time to achieve circular economy industrial chain of end to end link, closed loop, all raw materials entering the park in the cycle, eventually the formation of products, increase economic efficiency of enterprises, but also get a good environmental benefits.

To build the first large-scale nitrogen fertilizer plant made known Huaneng Power Chemical Co., Ltd., in the face of financial crisis and challenge, convened the General Assembly to promote scientific development, to study how the development of transit in the way of structural adjustment .

The company official told reporters that the company will consolidate and extend the existing chain of coal chemical industry, which continues to strengthen chemical, polyurethane, and acetic acid three parts, while steadily into the non-coal chemical industry, optimize the industrial structure and product mix. Since last year, the company accelerated their pace of structural adjustment, following the annual output of 200,000 tons in April last year acetic acid production, urea and ammonia diversified energy production optimization project in March this year, the annual output of 100,000 tons and acetic anhydride a project also entered the commissioning phase, will soon put into production. This year plans to invest 20 billion yuan, accelerating new energy-saving technological transformation of acetic acid plant, 50,000 tons / year ethylene glycol and other synthetic exhaust system projects.

Addition, the company planning research has been completed more than the planning of the industrial chain, a dozen key products are on track demonstration, in order to expand and extend the industrial chain of high-end products. The company’s plan is to spend 3 to 5 years, 10 billion yuan, a new Hengsheng recycling, coal and non-coal chemical industry in parallel. There are a large number of SHANDONG

fertilizer companies are walking in the diversification of the road. Enjoy the national “Small N Light” reputation Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Shandong Union in doing a good job of urea, compound fertilizer production at the same time, accelerate the development of fine chemical, petrochemical and bio-chemical three major industries, and now owns methanol, sulfuric acid, glucose, sorbitol, corn starch and other products. Yi of Yanzhou Coal Mining Company an annual output of 100,000 t DMF project will soon begin construction. Yi of the project is the implementation of product diversification strategy the company an important part, marking the company’s fertilizer, chemicals, combined heat and power integration industry base shape. SABUNG AYAM