Luxurious Solomon Islands Accommodation and Activities

Solomon Islands is an independent state in Oceania that precisely exists in east of Papua New Guinea. It consists of approximately one thousand islands, which covers a land mass of 28,400 sq. Kms. If you are planning your visit to this alluring destination, it’s indeed worth your visit and stay. Island is considered as every visitor’s immense delight as they can explore the undiscovered marvels of the place for that authentic Melanesian experience. The Solomon remains an undiscovered gem for those into experiencing diving, fun-loaded adventure and an authentic Melanesian experience.

One can easily seek the best Solomon Island accommodation by simply visiting online and checking out the details and lodging facilities available in various hotels in proximity of island. Island possesses various attractions for tourists from fleeing the dusty streets of Honiara, wandering around the museums until you hit the water for exciting sport and game fishing activities. Here are few attractions of Solomon Island, which a tourist surely can’t afford to miss as mention:

* Rain Tree Café, Honiara Street: A gracious setting in Honiara, which is operated by few elegant ladies, Rain tree café is agreeably the best a tourist can find. It pictures a perfect panorama of sea front locations and rejuvenating views of the Savo. The tropical decoration seems easy on visitor’s eye with exquisite wooden furnishing, thatched roof and candlelit tables at the backdrop. It offers every tourist delight in the form of alfresco dining, copious breakfast, and scrumptious pizzas with some delightful homemade cakes.

* Marova Lagoon: It provides the best Solomon Islands diving experience for experts and beginners. Experience some of the finest attractions of Marova Lagoon, which include caves, coral gardens, bommies and clouds of technicolour fish to name some few.

* Snorkeling: Tourists can immensely experience the sport, which is widely available for all. There’s no shortage of spots on magnificent lagoon that includes Kennedy Island few Kms away from Fat boys resort. Tourists can very well take the privilege of shuttle service at Fat boys resort. Hire snorkeling gears at your convenience at the resort and snorkel your way to the best experience ever.

* Kwaio Village, Malaita Island: Craving to experience a cultural shock then consider visiting traditional bush Kwaio. Westerners very seldom visit the area, as it’s believed that ancestral spirits are present there who practice magical things.

* Ghizo Island, Hiking Tour: Feeling weary of water? Consider climbing up crater’s rim on Kolombangara as it’s an exciting hike of two days/ one night.

Hire the best Honiara accommodation online and enjoy your much-awaited visit to Solomon Island for the best ever experience in lifetime!
Sabung Ayam
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