Luxury Holiday Villas Around Seminyak Village

Beautiful Bali is acknowledge for its specific Hindu culture and tiered temples, stunning natural beauty-beaches, mountains, volcanoes, rice terraces-exotic local food and kind locals. Bali has long been renowned as an distinguished holidaymaker spot in the world. Bali is one of thousands of islands comprising the Indonesian Archipelago.

Full of glorious beaches, Bali is the most favorite destination for visitors all over the world. With breathtaking scenes and it’s culture, not to mention its people, Bali is the spot for people wanting to break away from day by day activities, delight a honeymoon, or even, have a extraordinary time with family and friends.

Gorgeously settled on the hottest island, Seminyak village is the most stylish and gracious spots on the island of paradise. This village has evolved over the past decade to become a cosmopolitan neighborhood with a spectacular alternative of international dining choices like KU DE TA, which evenly famous with expatriates and tourists. The traveler have likely learned by now the breakfast and sunset drinks are the best deals.

Experienced travelers whom of which are regular supporters of KU DE TA restaurant from all over the world are at present discovering the favor of staying in a luxury Bali villas in this village short enough to KU De Ta restaurant. A beachfront Bali villas in this village will be a perfect place proposing maximum slackening for your hectic life.

Don’t panic if you are looking for some villas around to KU DE TA, there are lots of them offering several hospitality and services. Entering this village villas appears like approaching to the real adventure that life has to propose. Seeing the timeless bliss, villas in this village of Bali will pamper both domestic and international travelers with extreme fun and soothe. Bali villas network will propose their best to help to accommodate you in one of villas available around famous restaurant restaurant.
Sabung Ayam
Ayodya Resort Bali – Nusa Dua

0:00 Entrance and reception at Ayodya Resort Bali. 00:58 Lounges next to the entrance and the view of the garden at Ayodya Resort Bali. 01:46 A walk down the halls of Ayodya Resort Bali. Views of the halls the courtyard, the roof, and garden. 06:47 The garden of Ayodya Resort Bali with it’s ponds , beautiful flora and fauna, fountains and Palm trees. 08:40 The beach with the sunbeds and parasols. 09:50 Garden of Ayodya Resort Bali with grass and palm trees. 10:00 Ayodya Resort Bali infinity pool and pool area with chairs, palmtrees and sea in the background. 10:17 Fresh fish and lobsters in aquariums at the restaurant next to the infinity pool at the Ayodya Resort Bali. 10:42 Infinity pool area and the beautiful garden and restaurant next to the beach. 11:46 Garden with ponds, fountains and the hotel room in the background at the Ayodya Resort Bali. 12:33 Swimming pool area in the center garden with its sunbeds and parasols. 12:53 Balinese Theater in the center garden of Ayodya Resort Bali. 13:13 Poolside area in the center garden with trees, sunbeds, parasols, grass and a bridge over the pool. 14:09 Ayodya Resort Bali lounge in the back of the hotel with a beautiful art painting. 14:32 Staircases down to the area with the Italian Octopus Ristorante, the artwork shop and the Balinese restaurant with the garden view over the water at Ayodya Resort Bali. Ayodya Resort Bali Japanese restaurant Genji with the paths and view over the middle garden. 18:30 Pool area with Ayodya Resort Surfers Bar. 19:00 Ayodya Resort Bali garden with ponds, fountains, trees, grass and hotel rooms in the background. 19:42 Entrance to the Lagoona restaurant.

Sabung Ayam