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About KohSamui

With best stretches of sand and coconut trees by the thousands, KohSamui luxury villas are surrounded by a location of picturesque and exotic beauty. Just 52 miles off the east coast of Thailand, this island is at the heart of a peaceful and mythical life style but action is never ever out of attain for these who seek it.

KohSamui luxury villas

With KohSamui luxury villas, if you ever get tired of the cliché poolside relaxation, you can always locate a lot to discover and do on this paradise island. There is trekking in the jungle or you can visitChaweng Beach. You can take pleasure in a traditional Thai spa remedy or immerse your self into some fine Thai customs and Zen-inspired décor. No matter what your heart seeks, KohSamui luxury villas will make your dreams a reality.

Much more about experiences in KohSamui

KohSamui is an hour away from Bangkok by flight. Identified for its palm trees and spa remedies, this island also has other experiences to supply, very easily accessible from most KohSamui luxury villas.

1. The evening market

Each and every Friday evening, Bohput otherwise recognized as the Fisherman’s Village gets transformed from a quiet marketplace into a colorful pedestrian-only open-air market. That’s an experience you don’t want to miss. Get acquainted with some actual Thai culture treasures like local snacks, souvenirs and the amazing mojito mixing capabilities of the nearby bartenders.

two. The local cuisine

Most KohSamui luxury villas include solutions of a Thai chef to give you a real taste of Thai food common worldwide for its exclusive flavors. Get pleasure from your preferred Thai dishes at home or if you have a few Thai recipes that you want to tryout , you can arrange for that also.

3. Take pleasure in Thailand’s gorgeous coral reefs

Only a brief boat trip away, from the KohSamui luxury villas, you can very easily ride to some of Thailand’s most gorgeous coral reefs. Get a glimpse of what lies underneath the clear blue sea that surrounds the peaceful island of KohSamui and find out some exotic sea creatures like the parrotfish, the butterfly fish and corals.

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