Machinery And Equipment Manufacturing Industry In 2009 Will Maintain A Certain Growth Rate –

Plastic Net News HC: 2009, China National Machinery and equipment manufacturing output growth rate will be adjusted, but the whole industry will maintain a certain growth rate. National Information Center on Dec. 26 released the first 63 “Economic Forecast and Analysis,” pointed out that since 2008, machinery and equipment manufacturing industrial output growth rate steadily increased, but prices of energy and raw materials faster output growth slows down , machinery and equipment industry profit growth appears certain adjustments. In 2009, domestic and international economic environment, significant changes will occur, machinery and equipment manufacturing output growth rate will be adjusted, but the technological upgrade demands increase, accelerating the urbanization process and the efforts to increase the national policy of expanding domestic demand, will be the promotion of machinery and equipment manufacturing Development of long-term factors, general machinery and equipment manufacturing industry will continue to maintain a certain growth rate. The future development of machinery and equipment manufacturing industry outlook is as follows:

1, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has a huge space for development. Coming a very long time, industrial restructuring and technological upgrading will be the main line of development of our national economy, restructuring of the industry’s products, production process improvements, equipment, equipment, technological innovation, automation and the development of large scale use of equipment Industrial machinery and equipment needed to provide advanced and modern products. National strategies for sustainable development will be energy-efficient, environment-friendly production equipment, used as the focus of investment, machinery and equipment industry also needs to provide more secure and advanced products. Such as power, petrochemical, metallurgy, coal, textile, light industry, building materials and many other industries are in need of new construction projects more efficient, automated, clean production equipment to improve the technological content and added value products, with high , energy saving, low pollution, intelligence, and other characteristics of complete sets of machinery products will gradually become mainstream. In addition, roads, traffic and other transportation industries in promoting structural adjustment, promote industrial upgrading, the variety of mechanical products, the level of demand for quality and performance will be improved greatly. Meanwhile, the machinery industry itself also needs upgrading and technical transformation of large quantities of advanced processing equipment and testing instruments. Market competition and accelerated technological upgrading, investment in technical transformation of enterprises will remain a certain size, the same time, national policies to encourage enterprises to increase investment in new equipment, strength, domestic demand for sophisticated products, machinery and equipment will continue to increase. Therefore, the national economy over the long term structural adjustment and industrial upgrading all mechanical equipment industry will form a large demand.

2, energy and raw material prices has been slowing down, industry cost pressures eased. 2008 is the rapid rise of energy prices of raw materials a year, to machinery and equipment manufacturing costs caused some pressure on economic growth in the industry. However, slowing domestic economic growth, the spread of the U.S. financial crisis affecting the world economy is also slowing down, growth in energy demand for raw materials slowed, prices from peak levels. The current international oil prices fell sharply from the peak, steel, nonferrous metal prices have also declined, due to face the future with all the pessimistic forecasts of world economic growth, energy and raw material prices will be difficult to re-up, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in the future cost pressures will some relief, help the industry maintain a certain profit growth.

Machinery equipment manufacturing as a relatively high-tech industries, energy and raw material prices on the capacity of strong profit growth since 2008 despite the significant drop, but still maintained a good economic level. Machinery and equipment manufacturing industry’s long-term growth and profitability will depend more on the level and value-added products, the rate of technological progress, which is machinery and equipment manufacturing industry an important basis for sustainable development.

3, agricultural equipment, agricultural policy has provided new market opportunities. The past two years, the emergence of new machinery hot market demand, agricultural machinery needs to maintain a rapid growth rate. With the implementation of preferential policies for agriculture, especially agricultural subsidies continue to increase and improve farmers to purchase agricultural machinery initiative, effectively promote the sustainable development of agricultural machinery. 17 After the Third Plenary Session of the country once again increase the intensity of agricultural means of production subsidies, while opening up rural land use right, to encourage large concentration of farm land to develop economies of scale, will effectively promote growth in demand for agricultural production machinery . SABUNG AYAM