Madrid Tourism Thriving For Good Reason

Madrid tourism has helped increase the tourism sector of Spain in general. Generally, tourists going to Madrid has an overall investment of 507 million Euros in ’09.

But exactly what pulls these travelers to Madrid? Perhaps it is since the colorful destination has something for every one of us, whether or not you’re young or old, rich or not so well-off.

For one, Madrid is among the best areas in order to indulge your culinary appetites in. And among the list of meals you shouldn’t miss eating is Cocido Madrileno. This local meal is made of chick peas and vegetables flavored by spices you cannot find elsewhere. Other truly delicious cuisines you should have are Callos and Sopa de Ajo.

Madrid is often a city of fantastic monuments. King Philip III built outstanding squares to provide prestige to his reign. One of these structures has been the actual favorite Plaza Mayor. In the middle of this renaissance-style square is the statue of the king that has been designed by Juan de Bolonia and Pietro Tacca.

The famed Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Spain’s contemporary art museum, is home to Picasso’s masterpiece ‘Guernica.’ This gorgeous museum had once been named as “the ugliest construction found in Spain” by the Catalan architect Oriol Bohigas.

The main entrance to Madrid known as Puerta del Sol must also be included in your itinerary as 2 majestic structures, a breathtaking clock and also the statue of a bear, stood there like serious sentries.

Madrid is an interactive place as well. You simply just don’t stand back and admire the town, you can also be a part of it, be one with its tradition when you go to bars, night clubs, cafes and pubs.

The cave bar, El Chapandaz, serves drinks from a tap hanging down from the ceiling that looks like a rock formation. Lavapies provides a multi-cultural atmosphere with its crowd of hippies and immigrants.

Barhopping is really a norm that goes on until the next day, when the sun is at its highest. Walking from a tapas bar to a disco and returning to the hotel is a good approach to meet friendly locals and other tourists that are abuzz with excitement one can pretty much never see in adults.
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