Mai Chau Vietnam

Mai Chau travel details : give guests some general information about Mai Chau Vietnam
135 km far away from Hanoi , Mai Chau Vietnam is situated in the southwest of Hanoi , the northern of Hoa Binh province , Son La in the west , Phu Tho and Hanoi in the north , Ha Nam and Ninh Binh to the east and Thanh Hoa in the south .
Mai Chau Vietnam is house of the Thai, H’mong, Red Zao, Muong, Tay ethnic minorities . The individuals in Mai Chau Vietnam are friendly and hospitable . They are recognized by the items handicraft, specially embroidered brocade with exquisite patterns .
Mai Chau Valley immerses in the beautiful scenery with green mountains and the beauty of the basic stilt property , the residence of the White Thai ethnic group . On Sunday morning , you will have the chance to participate in the weekend market . The folks from the villages collect in this market , purchase or exchange .

130km from Hanoi , Mai Chau Vietnam is a cultural tourist location for neighborhood and foreign tourists are expected to visit. Mai Chau valley is mainly ethnic Thai individuals living in Muong formerly recognized as humus . The Thai folks reside very heavily concentrated , rich and hold the conventional culture , specially the Thai stilt property . Generate a community tourist attractions like the popular Lac , Pom coong , the Van … In Mai Chau Valley , there are monuments , scenic beauty such as Mo Luong cave , cave afternoon , cream and caves Pieng archaeological web sites , such as hallways , hang Depreciation and Easter .
Pom coong 64 vacationers floor , the floor beneath the Thai girl plying the loom and it is home souvenir of their own production , such as towels adventure , skirts , purses, clothes brothel Brocade … specialty locations also want scrumptious wine produced from glutinous rice , is the cough , chest cat , ginger …
Sang you shake , the floor where 25 vacationers in general practice which sells products from Thai youngsters hand in generating it as crossbows , Brocade …
Glutinous rice dishes in the blue tube of Mai Chau , simply because so delicious coconut water . At evening , on the floor, cozy by the fire , the spread of the flutters of erectile Pom guests . Cement savor grilled , roasted pork , chicken called dong , steamed fish streams …
Mai Chau valley with the majestic natural , exotic scenery , wealthy velvety green , fertile poetic beauty of the Highlander , creating a beautiful painting . When you come to this land will be according to the tour , tours of Thai culture , rich farm visits , participation in the race rafts on stream , the green tourist routes , a spectacular planet of colors water , blue sky . Mai Chau valley is currently the standard model for how to make a community cultural tourism