Make Money by Promoting Solo Ads

There are many ways to make money on the Internet. Of course, the first thing you need to do is to source for a product or service to promote. This may or may not be a product that you own. If you do not have your own product, you can always promote somebody else’s product by being an affiliate.

An affiliate is simply a person who promotes a merchant’s products or services through an affiliate link. When someone clicks on an affiliate link, the link tracks the sale and credits the affiliate with the appropriate commissions. This is the perfect way to start an online business as there is very little risk. You don’t need to invest huge amount of dollars to develop products and you can start earning right away.

So what do you do as an affiliate?

Now that you have something to promote, you need to find out where you can promote these products. A little market research wouldn’t hurt here. The best affiliate always takes time to learn more about their target customers. The goal is to find out how to reach these people. In other words, you are looking for targeted traffic.

There are many sources of traffic on the Internet. How you drive traffic depends on how much you know about each traffic generation method. One of the easiest ways to drive targeted traffic is through solo ads.

Classified ads.

Classified ads are short little advertisements that web visitors will see when they are looking for products and services. Remember news print classifieds? They have one headline, followed by a few lines of texts. Online, the format is similar. These ads work very well because the visitors who visit these sites are already looking to buy something. You only have to make an attractive offer to them and they will buy.

The key here is to write an attractive ad. So what is a good classified ad?

A good solo ad has a unique and attractive headline. For example, saying, “Advertise Today” is not as effective as saying, “Let us do the Advertising for You! We’ll bring the customers right to your Web Site! – Hurry!”

Your ad should then go on to describe the offer. Usually, you don’t have many lines to include too much detail. The goal here is to get the visitor to click on the link in your solo ad. So there is no need to give away too much information about your offer. Just give one or two benefits, then go on to say, “For more details, click on this link.”

You may be surprised to find that different ads yield different results. So test our different ads. Create new ads, and see if you can get better click through rates.

Usually, you get a pretty good idea of what to write just by observing the ads that others have created. If you see an ad being used repeatedly, you can be sure that the ad is working well. Simply peel the ad, modify it a little, and use it as your own.
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