Make Money on eBay Selling Everyday Items Found Everywhere

Anyone who regularly scouts garage or yard sales for antiques & collectibles to sell on eBay you know there are plenty of times you go home empty-handed & very discouraged, but if you’re willing to think outside the box more at each sale, you will be surprised what you will find that will make a “day-without-antiques” profitable.

Listed below are common things that regularly show up at garage & yard sales, items most people walk right past as junk or trash that will create an ongoing eBay sales income stream. Each item listed ALWAYS sells…ALWAYS!!

Anybody can make money on eBay…GUARANTEED!!

* Bright And Early Beginning Readers For Children — Often referred to as DR. SEUSS books, but the series includes titles by other authors as well. Make sure the cover has the Dr. Seuss Reader logo on it. Buy them when you see them and list them in groups (lots). A lot of 10 to 20 can easily reach auction prices of $ 30 to $ 40. Lots of 50 or more often exceed $ 100 on eBay week after week.

(Note: First Edition DR SEUSS w/ Dust Jackets often sell upwards of $ 1000.00)

* Adult Halloween or Holiday Costumes — That big pirate, Easter Bunny, or Minnie Mouse costume that no one else is paying any attention to can easily bring $ 50 or more when listed on eBay. Disney Store costumes such as Winnie Pooh, Tigger, Mickey & Minnie mouse always bring lots of auction bids!!

* Current College Textbooks. — It’s amazing how many of today’s college students will pay $ 125 for a text book and then put it in a garage sale at the end of the school year for two or three dollars. If you live near a college or university campus watch for these. Most any textbook with a copyright date of either the current or the previous year will sell for $ 25 or more on eBay or Amazon. (we’ll discuss Amazon another time) The optimum time to sell college textbooks is in late July to early September before the start of the fall semester.

* Cast Iron Cookware – Since the time of early pioneers cast iron cookware has been a useful and necessary item. Many pieces consistently sell on eBay for upwards of $ 500 to $ 1000. Even newer pieces can usually bring $ 25-$ 50

* Weight Watchers Cookbooks — The best ones are the soft cover cookbooks with current copyright dates (five to seven years). Don’t pay over $ 1!!. Check all individual titles on eBay as some can easily bring $ 20. Group the lower dollar titles into lots of eight to ten and they will make a nice profit

* Rich Dad Poor Dad books — There are over twenty different titles in the series of self-help books by Robert Kiyoski. On their own, none do well on eBay. But buying them when you find them and ONLY list them in lots of eight to ten or more and you will easily make $ 50 to $ 75, often more.

* Calvin & Hobbs books – folks worldwide are crazy about these. Like other titles, individual they don’t sell well, but put together a half dozen or more titles and you have another stream of eBay cash!!

* Home Schooling Materials From A Beka Almost everything related to homeschooling sells on eBay, with A Beka being the premiere name for texts and curriculum material. When you find it there’s usually a lot of it and it’s cheap. Buy it all, break it up, and sell it in lots by the school grade. Results will vary, but a $ 10 purchase can often bring $ 75 to $ 100 or more.

* Prairie Schooler, Precious Moments Cross Stitch Pattern Booklets — Once again, individually they often don’t do well, but put together a lot of 10 or 15 or more of either one and you will make a nice profit. Be sure to check each Prairie Schooler booklet you get on eBay before listing them in a lot. Some of the earlier booklets will bring $ 50 or more individually.

* Magic Crochet magazines — There are many different crochet magazines, but this is one of the most sought after. Another case of not doing well individually, but lots as few as ten or twelve will sell well, with larger lots bringing $ 50 or more.

* Plastic Canvas Pattern Booklets — Another case of buy them when you can and list them in lots of 25 to 30 or more. As long as you don’t pay more than ten or fifteen cents each, you will pay for gas and make cash money on eBay!