Make Money Online – Extra Money With eBay Trading

If you are looking to earn extra money then I have a new eBay business model that I want to share with you. Times are touch and everyone is looking for ways to earn extra money during an economic recession.

eBay is one of the fastest ways to make money online period. I am constantly amazed at what people will buy when I list things on eBay that I no longer want or need. eBay drives all the traffic already there for you. All you need to do is to know how to make money online.

The technique that I want to share with you is called: eBay Trading.

I know it sounds like the stock market and I have to admit that the concept is very similar. If you like to buy low and sell high then this business model is for you. I have had first hand experience with this model and I know it works.

Let me give you the basics. When you sign up for an eBay account you actually can use that username with all the eBay sites. That includes not only eBay USA but eBay Canada, eBay Australia, and eBay UK. What is great about these sites is they all use English as well!

So, how do you make money? It is as simply as buy low, sell high. For example, right now over the last 30 days Titliest Pro V1 Golf Balls (2 Dozen) have sold on eBay USA for $ 44.00 USD on average. The same Titliest Pro V1 Golf balls (2 dozen) have sold on eBay UK for $ 64.00 USD. That is a $ 20.00 profit per auction on average.

Other sellers are using this same formula for selling cell phones, electronics, sporting goods. Now, the kicker that makes all this work is selling hot products. When you are selling products that have a 90% or higher conversion rating, then you are virtually guaranteed to sell the merchandise that you purchase.

There are many other techniques and strategies to make this concept work.