Make Shipping Cars A Simple Endeavour

You just received the good news, you received the promotion, the contract on the house went through, or you finished your last week at work before retiring, and you are now moving to another country that you have dreamed of living in. You may not believe this but now the headaches begin. You never even thought about the vehicles. You need to ship your personal car, the company van, your wifes SUV, and your teenage sons car. Now, you are wondering what you can do to get all these vehicles to your new.

The answer is with an international moving company that knows the customs of the different countries as well as all the laws that apply to shipping cars abroad and exporting. There are regulations set for securing the vehicle as well as how much gasoline should be in the vehicle, and you never leave any personal items in the vehicle or you take full responsibility for damage or loss.

These items will need to be shipped with your household belongings in the proper cartons or packaging. The difference from country to country is amazing. One country may require a vehicle to hold a valid VIA while other one may require that the vehicles meet national standards and so on and so forth.

Cost for shipping cars or exporting as the term used most often can include freight, insurance, customs duties, goods and service tax, storage charges, delivery charges, entry processing charges, customs brokers’ charges, and even more. The luxury car tax is one factor you must look into, as some countries charge a hefty fee depending on your car. However, by hiring an international moving company to ship your car all the information will be explained in detail. The professional moving company knows all the laws regarding shipping cars or exporting and can ensure your vehicle meets all requirements, is shipped properly, and arrives to you in the same condition as when you put it in their hands.

Instead of worrying about everything, contact a professional company experienced in shipping cars/exporting, so you can enjoy the move to your new home with your family. This can be a very exciting time in your life when you let professional worry about shipping your belongings and your cars to your new home abroad. All you have to worry about is getting the family to pack their suitcases and you will be ready to go, while your vehicles are on their way to the final destination. SABUNG AYAM