Make Your Honeymoon a Spacious Yet Affordable Memory

So, you have just got married and you and your spouse have started on a new journey together as one. We all know how special it is to go off a honeymoon together to an exotic location away from home, to spend a lot of romantic moments with each other that you and your spouse would cherish forever. If you have chose Bali as your honeymoon location, you have made an excellent choice! In order to ensure that your honeymoon is the best few days of your life, you would have to carefully plan it out in advance and choose the best places to visit and check out the best villa rentals for you to stay at.

Having just spent a huge amount on your wedding party, sometimes you may not be able to spend extravagantly on your honeymoon. If this is the case with you, hereís some good news; you can still have a wonderful honeymoon at an affordable price, live in a comfortable villa and make it a holiday to remember.

When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of places that you could choose to stay at. From well-known international chains of hotels to luxurious resorts to cheap villas, you have a range of lodging options that you could choose from to suit your pocket. Even the cheaper villas rentals offer several additional facilities and amenities at a reasonable rate. In order to ensure that you arenít spending too much, look for a villa that provides you with the basic facilities that you are looking for and not ones that provide a whole load of others that you would never consider using or trying such as certain sports and leisure facilities.

When planning your travel itinerary, ensure that you have chosen to visit the most famous and important places only. These could include temples, palaces and sites around the island, in the highlands and the coastal areas. Leave out any place that you think is not worth spending on. While every site is Bali has breathtaking views, sometimes you would find that while the scenery may be slightly different, itís just the same thing all over again. For example Baliís many beaches and shopping sights that offer the same. It will be much more worth it if you spend your money to see something absolutely unique that you would never see again and have never experienced before.

You could also choose to take certain special excursions by boat or by car rather than trying out a helicopter excursion. You could also give up the first two for the latter alone. You need to learn to prioritise if you are to make the honeymoon an affordable one and one that is memorable.

Remember that when shopping, you may be taken to markets that sell only high-end fashion clothing and so on. Doing a bit of research and talking to a few locals would help you find cheaper markets where you would find great bargains, especially if you are looking for souvenirs and artefacts.

Remember that all this comes down to good planning. Without a proper plan, you will end up spending much more than necessary and it may have an effect on your enjoyment of the honeymoon as a whole, because you are running out of cash.
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