Making Corporate Investigations Easy with eDiscovery

Even as corporations and government agencies struggle with digital investigations, the actual number of investigations increases by the minute. The ESI (electronically stored information) requiring analysis for these particular investigations becomes an issue that needs immediate attention. Unable to cope with deadlines or control costs, corporate and government investigators have resorted to relying upon various traditional tools and technologies. But these tools have not made corporate investigation any easier; in fact they have a number of problem areas which include:

· Manual collection of data across enterprise utilizing multiple tools

· Using way too simple search techniques wherein you actually end up looking at every document

· Documents opened up to tremendous risk factors

· Reviewing takes hours, making investigation arduous and time-consuming

What forensic teams of government agencies and different corporations involved in internal investigations require are tools and solutions that can assist them in delivering accurate results. The software or tool should be built so that it enables the automatic analysis of data and should also be inherently swift in evidence identification. To be more specific, here’s what corporate and government investigators need to look for in an ideal investigation tool:

· The tool/software should assist investigators in easily collecting suspect data .

· The collection of this data should be accomplished with a single solution.

· It should allow for automatic analysis of data.

· It should save time and not involve any kind of manual labor.

· The software should be able to swiftly determine the participants of the investigation and should also answer questions of who knew what and when.

· It needs to effectively and quickly filter through huge numbers of documents and data to search for effective evidence that could assist the investigation.

· It should inherently have the skills to enhance the productivity of the investigation.

· It should effectively remove the process of manually reviewing impertinent documents and data thus saving precious investigation time.

These elements can be found insoftware or tools that are designed to not just manage corporate or government investigations but also ensure that it happens in a single application. This self-sufficient appliance solution can be up and running in mere minutes and can process diverse multilingual document types and formats. Give your investigation that eDiscovery edge and power it up with features that can help process, analyze, search and cull documents and data to rapidly find evidence critical to the investigation.

e-dubble – Changed My Mind (Single)

“Changed My Mind” on iTunes:


e-dubble uses his music as a tool to convey his thoughts and feelings in an honest style that is difficult to find in hip-hop. Following a year of weekly free song releases on his Facebook and acclaimed mixtape Written Thursday, e-dubble released “Changed My Mind”. An intense testimonial, “Changed My Mind” can’t be summed up with a few keywords, you’ll feel it when you listen.

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© 2011 Black Paisley Records and e-dubble
Release date: May 12, 2011

i went to sleep and I woke up dead
but I changed my mind- and I want to
i went to sleep and I woke up dead
but I changed my mind- and I want to

Verse 1:
live my life, a to z
fill up all the vacancies
feel the vindication from the hate you get for chasing dreams
i’m major league with or without any cosign
stealing 3rd base, no coach, no go sign, AHHH
that’s why I’m feeling how I’m feeling now
music’s my escape but it’s feeling even realer now
grassroots, fuck that, we are on some other shit
call it what you want but motherfucker you know what it is
i’ll fucking bleed for it, ask them, they know
color me in sepia they are fuckin’ day glow
shades on, shoes tied shorcuts never work
in it for the long haul, pot shots never hurt
thick skinned rhinos, elephants we don’t forget
what’s important overall, no withdrawl we don’t regret
pushing forward even those this life sucks sometimes
fucking with this noose I promise I can get it untied
you made it outta bed, task one, crossed off
step 2, show them that you ain’t gone be a rag doll
stand up, backbone, strong enough to break falls
ref is tryna make ammends look at all those late calls

Verse 2:
so many people with the wrong intentions
we been living with a selfish vision
but I guess it’s how we get through it
we take a lesson from the hardships
bet on ourselves, grit our teeth and hurry up and get to it
cuz’ we only get a minute to figure out what our business is
your bucket list is getting long hope you finish it
and in your movie they ain’t cast mr. nicholson
stumbling over jaded plots, better making revisions
it’s a different kind of feeling when you’re doing what you wanna do
charity is great but you can’t help until you make it too
or maybe that’s the reason you’ve been all broken up
vanity keeps you panicked your image isn’t focused up
open up and talk about, walk it out and talk again
closing off is why you see those fucking walls closing in
break em’ down and go outside
live your life don’t live the lie
lose the attitude and prove that you know how to be alive
and prove that you can thrive, get your money, buy the things
but know that honesty and guts is how you bought the ring
and now your married to it, scarred up a changed person
reward the hard work looks like the pain was worth it

Verse 3:
–i’m riding with a heart up on my sleeve
i ain’t even sure it’s mine but I’m gonna let it be
no instructions to this shit so I add another piece
playing legos with my life I am tryna build a dream
arts and crafts day build it from scratch
construction paper for the skyline, the buildings are matchsticks
uh- michel gondry with the imagery
and I ain’t pop a single pill today so who’s to say just who can limit me, nobody
old soul more like a spring chicken
when them gears start turning and endorphins start kicking
who’s to say what’s on the other side
not me, not you
you don’t need to bless me, I just need to ha-chu
– sick with it, pandemic, get with it
we are in the same boat we should prolly go fishin’, fishin’
and I am feeling like I’m on a mission
so when I wake up please don’t tell me any different, different