Making interactive e-Understanding with Fast Authoring Tools

Finding out is a continuous process in our function atmosphere. To save time, work and cash, Fast Authoring tools are frequently the preferred by several L&ampD managers to develop e-learning content material speedily and cater to the ever-growing want for customized content material. E-understanding companies also consist of fast authoring in their bouquet of e-learning services.

With a wide variety of rapid authoring tools to choose from, Articulate Storyline has been one particular of the most popular ones in current occasions for rapid e-learning improvement. If you have offered understanding content material, it can also be transformed into standardized e-content material with the support of rapid authoring tools. Presentations designed in PowerPoint can be also transformed into interactive e-studying – with very little effort. Topic Matter Specialists can themselves contribute to e-finding out improvement employing PowerPoint and this can serve as the beginning point. In addition to converting the entire content material with ease, rapid authoring tools like Articulate Storyline also support develop interactivity into courses. Eye-catching graphics, audio as well as video can be added to the course to make it multimedia rich and hence, much more impactful to the learner. And all this at a fraction of time, compared to traditional e-understanding improvement cycle.

How to convert a PowerPoint presentation into an E-course with Rapid Authoring Tools?

*Identify chunks from the presentation to produce ‘chapters’ for the e-course
*Aim to develop a course with five or less quantity of chapters. If the content material is far more, take into account producing a number of courses to stay away from presenting the learner a lengthy course, which will be ineffective.

*Each and every chapter ought to ideally consist of a maximum of 10-15 pages. Internet pages can be of any size – two or more slides can be consolidated into one particular page to decrease course length.
*Avoid utilizing phrases or one particular-word descriptions and use full sentences rather.

*Utilize the ‘notes’ section of a PowerPoint slide to contain external hyperlinks, optional exercises or step-by-step detailed instructions. These can be included in the e-course as drop-downs, which the learner may or could not access- as per need.

*Graphics can be very easily developed employing PowerPoint and can make a course visually appealing and the content far more effective. Rapid authoring tools can pick up graphics from the content material and spot them as per their assigned position on each and every slide.

*Tests and evaluations are an essential part of any course. Most well-liked e-learning tools like Articulate Storyline have inbuilt assessment tools like question pooling, randomization and scoring that assist garner learner progress.

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