Making Money During a Depression – Is There an Answer?

Well, it’s official, We are now currently in a depression. Some would call it a “recession”, but I tend to refer to it as a “depression”. It’s just plain “depressing”. The news is always talking about it, you hear it on the radio, and everyone has the same views about it.

But online, there tends to be a different tone among Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and networkers. When asked how their business is going, they tend to reply with answers like; “It hasn’t really affected my business”. Or, they say things like: “Business has been EVEN BETTER the last few months”.

So how can this be? Could it be that there are ways of actually making money during a depression? I mean… recession? Apparently, there really are ways of doing it. And it’s been getting to the point where Internet Marketers are tired of seeing other people struggling to keep their houses, and their families. There are actually HONEST marketers looking to give great VALUE to their customers.

Now I’m not referring to the “gurus”, who are only interested in pumping out their $ 2,000 to $ 3000 courses. Then in return, giving out a bunch of “hyped-up” information. Information that has been “rehashed” and only gives you partial truths. You really can make money during a depression, or recession, if you get your hands on the correct information.

Affiliate Marketing seems to be the answer. It seems to be the only way to make money during a depression, instead of LOSING it! The best part about Affiliate Marketing is, the advertising techniques can be 100% FREE! The Internet has platforms like Squidoo, HubPages, EzineArticles, and many other directories that can lead customers to your website, all FREE of charge.

And these sites have very high Page ranks, which means MORE exposure for you! But do you have to have a website in order to be an Affiliate Marketer? Absolutely not. Squidoo, Weebly, and HubPages give you ALL the necessary tools to create your own “targeted” website. You can even use free blogs like Blogger and WordPress to build a site.