Making Money on eBay – A Secret Weapon to Making Money on eBay That You Don’t Know About

I’m going to show you a secret weapon for making money on eBay!

You may have heard it before… You may have not!

Here it is!

The first part:


Have you ever heard that term?

It means that when people buy from you on eBay, you can actually have your SUPPLIER send all the goods to your BUYER – DIRECTLY. You still get your profit and everything. Isn’t that pretty wonderful? Yeah, I thought so too! You’re making money on eBay without shipping anything! Perfect

If you’ve heard about it before… Then I’m going to show you a great little way to do it that ensures you’re selling something that is currently HOT. Tee-hee!

Finding stuff that’s already selling RED HOT like a RED SUN IN THE SKY. Or yellow, but whatever! Pretend it was red! RED HOT!

Let’s stay up one night and watch TV. Let’s stay up after the regular programming hours. I think that usually works out pretty well. Why? Because that’s when paid programming stuff will come on.

Why do we like paid programming stuff? Isn’t it boring? No!


Because it can put some nice cash money in your pocket! How does it help with you making money on eBay?

Well all of those paid programming things sell BIG TIME or they wouldn’t be spending the money to have their ads running. This means that you are being supplied with a PROVEN PRODUCT. Hello!? That’s priceless!

So here’s the system broken down

1) You watch TV when paid programming stuff is airing.
2) You figure out what products are being sold and promoted.
3) You write these down so you don’t forget them. Really, write them down!

The next day… You go through the list, and you try to find suppliers of these same products. Then you can sell them on eBay.

So there it is, now you are selling a PROVEN product to a PROVEN crowd. You just need a PROVEN supplier and you’re good to go!

There are just tons and tons of ways that you can take this, and tons of ways you can start making money on eBay with as well.