Making Money on eBay – What to Sell If You Are a Student

Selling on eBay as a student can be trickier due to the lack of initial cash to inject into your investment. Wait…you’re a student, your young, full of ideas now is the time to actually “think outside the box” and put some of that intelligence into action. A huge majority of products are aimed at your market (i.e. 18 – 30 year olds), therefore you are in the driving seat when it comes to knowing what others want.

The key to success with eBay is to think small. Sell a few bits and bobs, buy a few needed items and learn the ropes by practicing. Once you have achieved this and have got the bug, you will need to up your game. Millions of people sell on eBay every day – some are successful and some aren’t. Be in the former category by being knowledgeable, research your product, learn the tricks and secrets of eBay and have a little bit of flair. Picture this: you are at University in a town which is renowned for a factory that makes world renowned teapots with frogs on. A little bit wacky I know, but this is an easy place to start sourcing your products. Many UK university towns have vast history to them and along with that comes industry and specific products that are recognized nationwide or even worldwide. Let me give you an example. Staffordshire is home to some of the most famous pottery companies in the world. Staffordshire has a university. Put 2 and 2 together and you surely have your product. If you are at university which has a factory producing a well known item, you will often be able to get cut price products in the factory shop. Use your location as an advantage and do some research on local warehouses that could be big news on eBay.

If this doesn’t work for you there are plenty of options. As previously mentioned you are in the market for knowing what other people of your age want. Do some research around your university and find out what the “buzz” item of the moment being small can be an advantage here as you can quickly change what products you sell depending on what people want. Finally, don’t buy wacky products that you personally like, you run the risk of not wanting to sell it. Remember your market and tailor your product search to them.