Male Group Files Complaint on Sex Discrimination Against ‘MR. HK 2010″

A group of males from the Equal and Justice Association and the Enjoy Household and Parents Association has filed a joint complaint with HK Equal Possibilities Commission on sexual discrimination by TVB’s Mr. Hong Kong 2010.

The men who amongst them incorporate Legislative Council member Wong Kwok Hing felt that TVB’s all girls judge panel was sex discrimination and the touching of the male contestant hands and legs by the judges constitute sex harassment.

“If this identical behavior was performed by male judges at a Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant I am most certain that there will be accusation of indecent harassment or even a legal lawsuit.” He stated.
In the last a number of years, they have already shown dissatisfaction towards TVB’s Mr . Hong Kong Male pageant and have asked for ten tickets to the occasion. These requests have been however ignored so in dissatisfaction they have started this formal complaint.

According to the Hong Kong Men’s group representative Mr John Wong, “I have been trying to secure tickets to the occasion for the past three years but have but been able to obtain any. This clearly contravenes the Sexual Discrimination Ordinance which bars special remedy among the sexes and the provision of goods, solutions or facilities based on sex. All their audience are female with the exception of a handful of VIP male spectators.”

In addition, the Ordinance also bars distinction primarily based on a person’s marital status. Yes according to Mr HK 2010’s guidelines, only single guys are permitted to participate in the contest.

The group complaint that both Mr Hong Kong and Miss Hong Kong contestants need to be treated relatively in their programs and that each genders ought to be represented in the judging panel.

So far TVB’s production schedule has not been affected by the protest. Among the male pageant contestants William Chak (#ten) who won the most “charming” award on the day of the promotional occasion responded to the protest on sexual discrimination responded: “I don’t thoughts the physical get in touch with with the female judges, shaking of hands is a generous act and nothing at all sexual. As for the all female judges, every contest has their own needs. As long it is a willing contestant there is nothing at all incorrect about it.”

TVB Foreign Affairs Director, Mr Tsang Sing Ming has responded and stated, that the studio occasion will keep an all-female audience. Nonetheless for the Olympian City and other scheduled promotional occasion venues , each men and girls will be welcomed. TVB has listened to the public opinions, but maintain that the all-ladies audience is the program’s hallmark and keep that they would continue with this original approach.

The winner of the Mr Hong Kong Contest 2010 will get to represent Hong Kong in the Mr World 2010 Contest, which was last held in South Korea with an eight-particular person judging panel which incorporated members from both sexes. Mr Globe 2009’s judging panel integrated a former Mr Globe winner and a male fashion designer.

The winners are also supplied a Television contract with TVB and promoted as Tv stars. Judges are all females, and the winners of the contest are also determined by a public voting technique primarily based on scoring of about 700 female viewers.
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