Managing Online Business Through an eCommerce Solution

Managing your online business effectively includes using the right kind of eCommerce solution that increases the volume of traffic to your site. It also addresses different aspects of your virtual requirements.

Examples include:

customer relationship management
content supervision
design regulation
smart product selection
total control of all transactions

Is Your Ecommerce Solution Easy To Set Up?

Here are some features that are a must-have to simplify your solution:

there should a comprehensible web based administration
it must be embedded with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to let your website look professional.
To speed up the time consuming uploading process, ensure that the solution enables instant product upload from any type of database and files.
Image uploads, either single or in batches, is an essential feature to look for.

Are the Design Features Impressive Enough?

While analyzing features, here are some tips to keep your eCommerce solution both simple and effective:

Don’t be lured by the sheer number of templates hosted by an the solution. Quality is more important.
Ensure that all templates look crisp, professional and sleek.
Success is known to be a mixed bag so mix and match with a combination of different headers and footers.
Look for tools that provide total control of text, advertising spaces, links and product thumbnails.
Check whether the solution hosts a variety of product page layouts.

Does Your Ecommerce Solution Support Product Management?

Systematic product display is a thumb rule to follow when selecting an eCommerce solution. Here are some reasons why it is important:

Customers are very picky about good design and uncluttered display.
Customers are unlikely to buy from a website where the products are displayed shabbily.
If you want your customers to find the desired product at one click, ensure that your solution supports the layered navigation.
Product selection becomes organized when customers can sort it out on the basis of price, brand and category.
Display of detailed product descriptions makes it even more attractive to the buyers.
The display pattern of retail, wholesale and sale prices should be legible.
The solution should support magnified product images.

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