Manchester United 21 million of share transfer or take the opportunity to restart the dominant factors transactions

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Today’s “Gazzetta dello Sport” leaked news that Ferguson intends to introduce AC Milan striker Marco Borriello, Manchester United’s offer to reach a staggering 21 million euros, which makes possible the Rossoneri have to re-pursue and dominant, and Bole Luo’s agent responded to the awful transfer.


Eatsleepsport had also reported the news of Sir Alex Ferguson intends to Italian striker, but the proposed exchange of chips is Berbatov. Today’s “Gazzetta dello Sport,” said Ferguson has lost confidence in the Bulgarian striker, but the Rossoneri this season, played well in the Italian international interest aroused Ferguson, Manchester United are even willing to pay 21 million euros for the Borriello offer. Italian media said the Milan vice president Adriano Galliani and do not want to sell Borriello, they would prefer a transfer of Huntelaar. But the U.S. offer the body exposed was significantly higher than the Manchester United player’s actual worth, in the face Premiership giants such Jinyuan offensive, let them go Rossoneri difficult to make a decision.


“Gazzetta dello Sport,” further analysis, said that if Borriello leave, the Rossoneri could re-launch of the Wolfsburg striker and dominant offensive. Although access to the Bundesliga’s top scorer this season, but the major European giants chasing the footsteps of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina is slowing, while the dominant factors and missed the World Cup, Manchester United if they can get the promised 21 million euros, the Milan striker is also access to their favorite is not difficult.

Borriello’s agent Diboliao – Cavan Reilly told “Football Market” visit, also on the awful trade rumors responded, “I also read a newspaper interested in my players, Manchester United, may be the performance in Milan to Mark Ferguson wanted him to be a partner Wayne Rooney. So far I have nothing substantive to official sources, at present all this is hearsay, we will wait for the development of this. I did not and Milan top talked about this issue, the only concern now is the league mark last round and the national team. “