Many Anticipate The Departed’s Sequel

In 2007, after having one of the most acclaimed careers in film history, director Martin Scorsese’s name was practically changed to Academy Award Winning Director Martin Scorsese, when he released what won him, not only the Academy Award for Greatest Director (the 1st time he had ever one that award), the Academy Award for Ideal Picture for his film The Departed.

The Departed was critically hailed as a crime masterpiece that also featured a star studded cast of Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin. The film focused on DiCaprio as undercover cop Billy Costigan, who is infiltrating the Boston primarily based Irish mob, run by Frank Costello (played by Jack Nicholson). Nevertheless, Matt Damon plays a mole, put in the police division to infiltrate the police. What benefits is a cat and mouse chase that left audiences on the edge of their seats with plot twist that they could not see coming.

The film was hugely acclaimed, and a lot of felt the Academy Award that Scorsese won had been a long time coming, and numerous believed that any of his films that he had previously created could have won him that honor. It has been announced that a sequel is being planned for the movie.

A brief warning that there are about to be main spoilers from the film, so if you have not observed the film, then do not read any additional and simply watch the initial film.

Numerous rumors are stating that a sequel film would focus on Mark Wahlberg’s character Sergeant Dignam. Dignam’s character killed Matt Damon’s character at the finish of the 1st film, and that was the last frame, so it could be observed as a cliffhanger that could be employed to springboard the plot of the sequel. However, it is unknown just how properly a sequel would operate due to the fact that the majority of the primary characters from the 1st film had been killed off.

As of proper now, the status of the sequel is unknown, but many fans are unsure as to whether or not a sequel would be a very good idea. A sequel would have to introduce a lot of new characters in order to fill the void left by the missing actors and characters. It is also at the moment unknown as to no matter whether or not Scorsese would return to direct the sequel, but if he does, then it would surely give the film a major boost.
Beef keeper accused released by mob, attacks police in Muzaffarnagar

Beef keeper accused released by mob, attacks police in Muzaffarnagar

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