Mariga Has Injured 40 Days

Pacini arrived and had to Gu Haer. Muntari with the Cheap Soccer Jersey joined Sunderland for the removal of barriers, Inter Milan will be accompanied by Gu Haer said Saturday, but at the same time bad news has spread to other Inter fans in the ears, compared with last week bank Italian debut in the Stankovic Cup Mariga same muscle strain, had to break with Serbia, 30-40 days of static, midfielder Leonardo even more nervous. Pacini join the soft, almost Inter Milan Moratti has confirmed to hunt Pacini, the transfer is complete. Centro Italiano Appiano completed early yesterday, “La Gazzetta dello Sport,” said Pacini and even Inter Milan in the match against Palermo at the weekend from the beginning, people can not wait to show the first of Inter Milan Pacini. Compared to the Pacini, Haer Jia joins a little messy. But in fact, between Morocco and the Nerazzurri with the National Soccer Jersey midfield without any problem, the barrier is Muntari Inter Milan cleaning progress of the workflow, and at first was reluctant to join Sunderland Muntari, because people just want Ghana in London and Sunderland and Muntari to buy a transfer fee this summer with Inter Milan to negotiate much. Although there are many obstacles, however, Muntari, after all, the transfer is complete.
In addition to progress in the introduction of players, this two-day Inter Milan also get some good news. The first is a brand of razor with the Gazzetta dello Sport “, jointly organized the Future” Champion Award (it’s actually different from the Italian Academy, voted by the fans, the best rookie), the mercato of the winter has joined the legion of blue-black, young defender Mascherano Zia 42% of the overwhelming support of the Juventus (39%) and Barry Ao forward Kaka (19%) had the last word. Inter Milan defender Marco Materazzi for the Zia Award Llano and Llano praised Zia is “Nesta’s successor.” Interestingly, Materazzi also use the personal website of the razor brand shaved his beard Mascherano Zia, Zia results Mascherano with the Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer joked: “There is beard I look like a boy of 16 years.”
However, there is also bad news. Naples, Italy in the Stankovic Cup final due to injury and Cordoba, Stankovic confirmed after a thigh injury will be out for 30-40 days, and Cordoba is a dislocated shoulder, a 10-day able to return to game . But the game after the match, substitute Leonardo Mariga Stankovic also suffered a minor injury, but when people thought Mariga injury is not heavy. In an interview yesterday, careful diagnosis, however, after receiving bad news, Inter Milan, Stankovic Mariga as muscle tension, is expected to recover 30 to 40 days. This means that next month, the Inter Milan midfielder, almost no one can change, while the rival is Rulangsihu Roma with the Inter Milan Jersey, Juventus and other enemies. Leonardo’s bitterness really wants to come.