Mark Dantonio visits with team

School spokesman John Lewandowski said Dantonio chatted with position groups during a pre-practice nfl jersey session and addressed the team briefly — the first time he’s done that since he was hospitalized early Sunday.

Dantonio plans to watch Saturday’s game at home, Lewandowski said.

“Everyone happy to see Coach D and he is returning home for rest,” athletic director Mark Hollis tweeted.

The finish against Notre Dame is already one of the signature moments of the mlb jerseys season; trailing by three in overtime, Dantonio ordered a fake field goal that worked for a touchdown and gave the Spartans a 34-31 victory.

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It might have been Dantonio’s biggest win at Michigan State because of the opponent and the way it unfolded.

But the excitement largely vanished around East Lansing, replaced by concerns for the health of the 54-year-old Dantonio.

The coach had surgery to put a stent in a blocked blood vessel leading to his heart. It is unknown when he might return to coaching, and the team is being led by offensive coordinator Don Treadwell.

“The nice nfl jersey is, along with the leadership and things that Coach Dantonio has already put in place, we have a lot of veterans that are on this football team,” Treadwell said. “So certainly, our seniors, we’re relying on them to really step forward.”