Market Prices Is Facing A Lot Of Pressure On Air-conditioning, “up Sound” Sounds – Air

Earlier this year, from all sides Air conditioning News of price increases, and increase the air conditioning than the price increase in 2007 is even larger. Industry, the brands are not lightly any price increases, double the previous price of raw materials, energy efficiency levels are not sufficient to shake the defense improve the determination of the price continued to drop. Until May, the state subsidies for energy efficiency introduced the New Deal, a toggle key to air conditioning prices. For a time, air-conditioning market situation representation, prices have not only the voice of the industry, but the industry generally accepted air-conditioning industry in the 2010 trend.

Subsidies shrink Prices hit the bottom line

Increasing demands for air conditioning prices, it is no accident. It stands to reason, air conditioning prices can lead to greater profit margins, manufacturers should be actively promoted. But every time prices, manufacturers are in a passive state, not the raw materials rising costs and other factors forced to close, but not at the last minute is not resolved to manufacturers. The reason is simple, not raising their prices may be dead, but the first price increase may also be dead. The raw materials price increases, cost and energy efficiency upgrades such as subsidies shrink is the main cause of price increases contributed to this year’s air conditioning. The present copper, steel, Plastic , Transformers and other raw materials to a large extent the rise in raw material prices increase the pressure on the cost of air conditioning manufacturers. In addition, starting from June, according to a new level of energy efficiency threshold for the production of energy-efficient air-conditioning will begin to enter the market, the new level of energy-efficient air-conditioning brand manufacturers will increase production costs further. The new level of energy efficiency of air conditioning energy efficiency in the current level, based on the breakthrough technology upgrade, requiring a high-tech manufacturers to break through the existing limits. Air conditioning industry from high energy products to energy-efficient transformation is quite successful, but continued to upgrade the energy efficiency of this challenging technical bottleneck, manufacturers will put in a higher cost. All tangible and intangible costs of price increases of weight added to the air conditioning on.

Completely air-conditioned lower the price from last year is 300? 850 for country Huimin Subsidies, line leading brands, second-tier brand to grab market share, have low priced products to ones who enjoy to consumers, triggering last year’s air conditioning Sell Markets overflowed. This year’s “May 1” after the country announced that the new energy efficiency subsidies this year in June began, according to the new energy efficiency standards, the existing two energy-efficient air conditioning will become the new standard in the three energy-efficient products, and the loss of subsidies to eligible the current one energy efficiency air conditioning will be downgraded to a new level 2, the intensity diminished in recent Qicheng subsidies.

Full speed To catch the last bus companies

The face of the industry trend of fixed prices, manufacturers, Home Appliances Stores are stocked full capacity, in the end want to board a current efficiency of the last bus subsidies. Implementation of the new subsidy policy from a week left, the new air-conditioning and listed some of the original inventory during this period can also enjoy the subsidies before, this time farmer can sell more, will be able to subsidize the air conditioning more subsidies, to occupy the market more. Therefore, manufacturers will be June before the storm set off low-cost air conditioning. Store the relevant responsible person said, air conditioning prices has clearly the general trend, the store will be stocked by a large number of inhibitory conditioning prices rise quickly, to maintain the current inventory is not a problem to the end of June, after the air conditioner prices is inevitable.

Far, price increases for the next air-conditioning manufacturers of all consumers in waiting to see. In the end in June will be up after the number of energy-efficient air-conditioning, a full range of price increases or new start up, what kind of price increase will bring air-conditioning market changes in prices between brands the opportunity to take what moves the problem one manifestation of the game will originally on the air conditioning market is more complicated and confusing covered with a layer of unpredictable coat, all to wait until the new one in June of energy-efficient air conditioning products, after-market pricing is concerned. Branded manufacturers said with a smile, said before the air conditioning is to look on the weather, hot weather Price war Also played violent, but now it is to look at policies to eat, no matter how the weather is still thick smoke store promotions. SABUNG AYAM