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Marketplace “Exactions” looked very helpless.
With the company as a domestic gas
Marketing Person in charge of Wang to lead their colleagues every day dealings and hypermarkets in the contest. He gave the “China Network” news out in a cost list, the list shows that the company’s hypermarkets channel cost is as high as 30% to 50%.

First, wholesalers and manufacturers in product checkout, we will from
Sell Amount of deduction of 20% to 22%;
Second, the New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, “51”, “11”, Mid-Autumn Festival seven, each section of corporate sponsorship to pay 5,000 to 10,000 yuan, with a

Brand A single shop in supermarkets with annual sales of 1 million yuan terms, this will be the business of 3.5% to 7% of the profits;

In addition, the cost of waiting for the numerous Wang: slotting allowance as a single store of 20,000 yuan low, many of 60,000 yuan, 80,000 yuan, a high of 10 million, even 200,000 yuan; selected meals, a good position to

Auction ; Festival fees, supermarkets in the new store opening, Dianqing, etc., and also received several thousand dollars to each manufacturer.

Moreover, manufacturers have to come up with sales of 2% to 3% to RBI from the manager, cabinet chief,

Finance , Procurement and other supermarkets within the layers of relationships;
Mall design cost of each counter, in 1.5 million to 30,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan also poor.

Shopping guide Members are also sent from the factory, wages from 2000 to 3,000 yuan a month is necessary.

Appears in Wang, the manufacturers even if the price of the product increased by 50%, not much profit. Moreover, these supermarkets “the last one out” system, the same variety of goods, if sales of a continuous row of last 12 months, and was eliminated, got other brand again “exploitation.”

Even so, Wang still could not easily withdraw the products come from supermarkets. Supermarkets now account for 30% of the company’s share of sales, and this proportion is increasing. The cost of the other channels only half the hypermarket, about 15% to 20%. “Progressive is not, not into is not.” Wang said.

Far-reaching consultants confirmed the chief adviser Du Jianjun Wang argument. Dujian Jun said,
Appliance Retail Chain stores in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities in appliance sales have reached more than 70% to 80% share, occupy the mainstream position.

Appears in Wang, offered bribes related to the hypermarket is a compelling solution, “such as a fee offer for 20,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan for the parties, will become only cost 10,000 yuan “; addition is to increase the mall area is not involved in sales, reduce cost of sales; or agent will transfer the cost of hypermarkets, by them to bear.

Against Wang, he continues to wait, “at least five years of pain,” when foreign and domestic home appliance retail chain enterprises rise more, or until the supermarkets will be more of a small manufacturing operators out of business, will have the light of day.

And Wang where the business is different, Guangdong 1
Sound Enterprises have already fed up, “exploitation”, forced to flee the mall.
“What slotting allowance, Decoration Charges, counter charges, festivals fees, Dianqing fees, endless, and we like meat on a chopping board?? Trampled. “The audio business owners said the business was forced last year to this year’s withdrawal from the mall,” is now all over the country into dozens of stores around only. “

The boss said, wholesalers single shop, even if the manufacturers failed to 30,000 yuan a month turnover, they have to press the 30,000 yuan deduction of 20%, so if a mall a month do not to several million in sales, we can only lose money. “There are many famous audio brands in the supermarkets where the trading is loss of.”

Circuit City with a number of the economic downturn across the country, in addition to supermarkets, other channels of sound business less popular, so “into a court death, not into is waiting to die.” The boss had his stereo business to two, three markets, the cost of these channels, just more than 10 percentage points, “we only have resigned.”

“Channel hegemony” of the argument a long time. Samsung came in January this year, and once

States United States Into the shop because of costs and rebate discounts and against each other, although later both sides were to deny it, but not groundless rumors are the industry accepted “rules” Start clarified. Earlier last year, the National US-block

Air conditioning Giant Gree, Chi Fuzhou triple high court and other air conditioning and home appliance manufacturers and a series of channel-friendly “fire” incidents, but also to lay a little taste of smell.

Du Jianjun said that even with foreign home appliance retail
, The Chinese vendor relationship is significantly distorted. SABUNG AYAM