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If you are adventurous with your food and love discovering new flavors, then you need to head to the northern African nation of Morocco. In Morocco food is much more than sustenance, it is a way of life and a social lubricant. You can discover some of the exotic tastes and flavors of this country with a Marrakech tourist guide food holiday Morocco tour.

There are several typical ingredients that are used in Moroccan cuisine. Among them are: cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic, chick peas, cous cous, olives, mint and sesame. These are mixed and combined to produce aromatic and delicious dishes that are rich and delicate all at once.

There are many different dishes to sample on any food tour of Marrakech, and a great place to start is with bisteeya. This is a triple later pastry dish: on the first layer is seasoned chicken, one the second layer there are eggs that are topped with a kind of onion lemon sauce and on the third layer there are crushed almonds. All of this is then wrapped in fine filo pastry and brushed with sugar and cinnamon. You will find that many recipes from this part of the world finely mix savory flavors with aromatic spices and this dish is a perfect example of that.

A must try dish that you will fall in love with is the succulent Mechoui. This is a slow cooked lamb dish that is based with herbs such as cumin and salted and then roasted slowly for more than three hours. The meat is as tender as can be when it is served up.

Tagine is probably the most famous of all Moroccan dishes and you are likely to experience it in a variety of forms before you leave the country. It is a stew that is made from meat and vegetables and normally comes served up with cous cous. Chele is similar to pastrami and is seasoned and dried in the sun: it is a fabulous local specialty that you will find all throughout the markets.

One of the daily traditions that relates to cuisine and is a strong part of social lives and culture is tea. The green tea is sweetened and has mint added to it and is served up in decorative glasses. Tea is used for business meetings, entertaining guests and any other sort of social interaction too. If you are lucky, you might catch a tea preparation ceremony as well. You can also find thick and sweet black coffee served throughout the day too.

On special occasions there are usually pastries and sweets that are specially prepared. These sweets are generally served at the beginning of the meal as a kind of appetizer and are called shebbakia and mahalkra. Sweets, pastries and cakes are often subtly flavoured with orange water or rose water.

On a Marrakech tourist guide food holiday Morocco you will get to sample many wonderful local dishes and experience for yourself the marvellous variety and range of influences on the dishes. You will find Jewish, Middle Eastern, Arab, Berber and Moorish influences in the dishes, which makes for an exciting gastronomy. Food journeys throughout Marrakech are the perfect way to get started on your adventure throughout this exotic and far flung land.
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