May Wish To Introduce Foreign Capital, “catfish” Activated Appliances To Rural Areas –

Recently, Bringing home appliances Policy is good news came, in addition to bringing home appliances product price ceiling will be increased substantially, the various provinces can choose to add a home appliance products to rural areas, that is “9 +1” pattern. In addition, the state-owned farm, forest workers will also be included in the coverage of home appliances to the countryside. It can be said for most home appliances manufacturers, the ability to multi-select a home appliance products, as well as rural areas to expand the scope of the countryside population, can only be considered “icing on the cake”, after all, the original nine major home appliances almost cover the ordinary essential rural household appliances household appliances, not to mention hundreds of millions of people currently have the development of the rural market still has room for.

Indeed, the substantial increase in ceiling prices of many home appliance manufacturers is the most anticipated. According to reports,

TV , Mobile The price ceiling will be doubled, respectively, and 2,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan, while the

Refrigerator , Washing machine 7 products and other price ceiling will be increased by 25% -70%, and limit some of the countryside to improve products according to the original limit of 13% uniform standards for the implementation of a fixed subsidy subsidy, that subsidy is expected to reach the limit TV 450 element.

Obviously, TVs, mobile phones and other rural areas the improvement of product price ceiling is not unreasonable, the key is to limit the two products will further boost its sales increase. In particular, color TV product, price ceiling, once raised to 7,000 yuan, which would mean 37-inch, 42 inch, 47 inch Large size

LCD TV Rapidly into the rural market is expected to further stimulate the rural
Flat Panel TV The upgrading. The latest statistics from the Ministry of Commerce show that only in November, the countryside before the limit increased sales of color TV sets would have been 1.077 million, ranking first in nine product categories to the countryside, the countryside is not the business opportunities inherent in TV words, and Yu.

At this point, for rural consumers, although not significantly increase the maximum amount of subsidies, but the choice of products undoubtedly have more space, including bringing home appliances products, brands, models and prices. Following this idea, we can easily predict the next year, bringing home appliances to scale new

Sell Success will be just around the corner.
However, all the good news in the face of domestic appliance makers can not seem to be blindly optimistic. Because in the previous limit on the basis of home appliances to the countryside, most foreign brand products such as the reason because the price was excluded. However, a substantial increase in rural areas limit the product to the foreign brand products have brought more opportunities for finalists to the countryside products, domestic manufacturers may not be able to continue to extend the advantage.

Therefore, to some extent after the limit move appliances to the countryside to some extent to the domestic home appliance manufacturer to release in advance the time distribution of the rural market, and now limit a substantial increase, and domestic appliance manufacturers are facing The problem is not just about developing the rural market, we must also face competition from foreign brands squeeze. However, I humbly believe, appropriate to introduce some foreign brand “catfish” to stimulate the domestic home appliance manufacturer is not a bad thing, at least, successful enterprises will be more strongly some of the sense of crisis. SABUNG AYAM