M&E News: March 22- March 29 2013

M&ampE News: Feb 08- Feb 22 2013

Final Updated – 07-Mar-2013

North America

1.Dish Profit Drops, Highlighting Aim to Diversify (WSJ)

Feb 21 2013: Dish Network Corp. reported a 33% drop in fourth-quarter net earnings, as subscriber growth slowed and programming costs rose, highlighting why the satellite-Tv operator is looking to diversify into wireless broadband.

2.  Nevada becomes initial state to let on the internet gambling (cnet)

Feb 21 2013: Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed an on the internet gambling bill right now that legalizes Internet gaming, according to the Linked Press. Nevada is 1st in the nation to forge into the on the web gambling world.

three.  More Money for Covers (WSJ)

Feb 15 2013: VivendiSA’s Universal Music Publishing Group has struck offers with Maker Studios Inc. and Fullscreen Inc., two of the largest multichannel networks–a new breed of digital entertainment businesses that distribute, market and occasionally create videos particularly produced for Google Inc.’s YouTube. Under terms of the offers, Universal will get an undisclosed percentage of revenue from advertisements that run alongside cover videos of the publisher’s songs on YouTube.

4.  CBS Corp. Profit Rises Ad Sales Choose Up (WSJ)

Feb 14 2013: CBS Corp.’s net income rose six% in the fourth quarter as the media firm generated greater advertising revenue in spite of a weak start off to the fall tv season.

five.  DirecTV Profit Rises on Latin America Development (WSJ)

Feb 14 2013: DirecTV’s fourth-quarter profit grew 31% as the satellite-Television operator benefited from robust growth in its Latin America arm and a USD111 million pretax achieve associated to the sale of an ownership stake in a Tv channel.

Meanwhile, DirecTV’s US subscriber development slowed to 103,000 new additions in the quarter, compared with 125,000 the year earlier. DirecTV’s total US subscriber additions for final year have been down 70%, to 199,000 from 662,000 the year earlier. While the general spend-Tv market has shown small growth in the past year or two, DirecTV attributed its subscriber slowdown mostly to a strategic shift it undertook final year to concentrate on retaining current customers and acquiring only “high top quality” subscribers who are prepared to take added solutions and much more probably to stick about. That meant DirecTV place less emphasis on attracting other subscribers with promotional discounts.

6.  Time Explores Magazine Sale (WSJ)

Feb 13 2013: Time Warner Inc. is in talks to divest most of its Time Inc. magazine group in a deal with Meredith Corp. potentially ending its lengthy reign as the greatest US magazine publisher. Beneath the proposal getting discussed, Time Warner would retain its flagship newsweekly Time, along with Sports Illustrated and Fortune. But the rest of its magazines, such as Men and women, InStyle and Actual Basic, would end up combined with Meredith’s titles, which consist of Far better Properties and Gardens and Family members Circle, whose readers are mainly ladies.

7.  Comcast to acquire GE’s stake in NBC for USD16.7 billion (cnet)

Feb 12 2013: Comcast Corp. is going to purchase Basic Electric’s entire remaining stake in NBCUniversal for USD16.7 billion, the cable giant has announced.

NBCUniversal will also purchase its facilities at 30 Rockerfeller Plaza and CNBC’s headquarters in New Jersey for USD1.4 billion. The deal is anticipated to go through by the end of March 2013.

Comcast currently owns 51%of NBCUniversal since its buy of the majority stake from GE went by means of in 2011. Comcast is the largest cable provider in the US.

eight.  HBO Go subscribers can stream over AirPlay (cnet)

Feb 12 2013: HBO will now permit HBO Go subscribers to stream programing from their Apple mobile devices to their TVs over AirPlay.

9.  Mayer: Yahoo’s future is personalization for content, ads (cnet)

Feb 12 2013: The future of Yahoo will be delivering customized user experiences each on mobile and the desktop, according to the company’s chief executive officer, Marissa Mayer.

Speaking at the 2013 Goldman Sachs Technologies and Internet Conference this morning, Mayer presented yet another glimpse into the search company’s evolving mobile technique, which will include some consolidation for the existing item portfolio.

10.  Dish declares the death of commercials — in a commercial (cnet)

Feb 11 2013: Dish is taking its digital video recorder, the Hopper, national, and it’s performing it with an ad that declares the death of Tv ads.

The campaign is just the most recent salvo in a fight between Dish and the significant broadcast networks, which includes CBS, the parent business of CNET. Dish and the broadcasters are tussling over the legality of the Hopper’s automated ad-skipping technology, which the networks think threaten a business model heavily dependent upon commercials for income.

Asia Pacific

11.  Imax plans to open much more theaters in Brazil, India (Financial Times)

Feb 22 2013: Imax Corp, a maker of movie cameras and projection gear for giant screens, plans to open ten to 15 theaters every in Brazil and India as it seeks development in emerging markets, its chief executive told Reuters.

12.  Newspapers to concentrate on entertainment-connected pullouts in India: Study (Financial Occasions)

Feb 20 2013: Newspapers will concentrate on entertainment-related supplements this year in a bid to beat stiff competition from tv channels, according consultancy firm Deloitte.

According to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India director Sandip Biswas ,”By the time the newspaper lands in the morning, the news is currently six hours old and everybody has watched it on tv channels the previous evening.” India still “wakes up” with a cup of tea and the newspaper and the entertainment focused pullouts are the differentiating aspects which the newspapers may possibly take out to fight the influence of television on circulations, he stated.

13.  Price range 2013: FICCI demands infrastructure status for cable sector in India (Financial Instances)

Feb 13 2013: In order to garner domestic funding for the sector, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in its pre-budget 2013 memorandum has asked for infrastructure status to be given to the cable sector.

Apart from this, FICCI has also said that the license charge for DTH solutions should be decreased to six% from the present 10%.

14.  Endemol, Eros International ink 50:50 content material deal, to share investments of INR1 billion (Economic Occasions)

Feb12 2013: Endemol India, producer of reality shows such as Bigg Boss, Khatron Ke Khiladi and The Excellent India Laughter Challenge, and Eros International, producer of films such as English Vinglish, Vicky Donor, Housefull and older films such as Saajan, have decided to pool with each other and extend their intellectual properties into new formats.

Eros and Endemol have also signed a three-film co-production deal, where they will equally share total investments of more than INR1 billion, Intellectual Home Rights (IPR) and revenues.

M&ampE News: Feb 23- March 01 2013

Last Updated – 07-Mar-2013

North America

1.  Disney, News Corp. Discussing Future of Hulu (foxbusiness)

March 01 2013: News Corporation and Walt Disney Co have begun discussions about resolving uncertainty over their jointly controlled online video site Hulu LLC, with one particular possible outcome getting that a single or the other business sells its stake.

The two organizations, each of which owns about a third of Hulu, have indicated at distinct times more than the past few months their willingness to purchase the other out. There is also the possibility each companies will make a decision to sell to an outsider.

Most of the other third of Hulu is owned by Comcast Corporation, majority owner of NBC, but regulatory specifications prevent it from voting its stake.

For some time, Disney and News Corporation have been at loggerheads over the path they want Hulu to go. As previously reported, News Corp, desires Hulu to concentrate on its subscription service whereas Disney, which owns the ABC network, prefers the free ad-supported business model. Hulu has both a subscription enterprise, Hulu Plus, which has more than three million subscribers, and a totally free service.

2.  Perhaps there is hope for the music sector yet (cnet news)

Feb 26 2013: A pair of reports published on the music industry — a single from the International Federation of the Phonographic Sector (IFPI), the other from research firm NPD — highlighted the 1st glimmer of good news that the music biz has seen in a long time.

IFPI stated that international recorded music industry revenue edged up by .3 % to USD16.five billion in 2012, marking the initial year of market growth considering that 1999. Meantime, digital income saw accelerating development for the second year running, up 9%, as all formats — downloads, subscriptions, and ad-supported firms — are on the rise.

CNET reported earlier, piracy is falling — the result, the research conclude, of each legal attacks on internet sites like the after-well-known LimeWire, and a rise of easy-to-use solutions such as Spotify, which let individuals listen to music for free if they’re prepared to put up with a handful of advertisements. In 2012, according to NDP, the quantity of buyers making use of peer-to-peer solutions to download music dropped 17% compared with the prior year.

three.  Illegal music downloads dropped in 2012, says report (cnet news)

Feb 26 2013: Fewer folks are illegally downloading and sharing music, NPD Group stated in a report today.

Amongst these surveyed for NPD’s “Annual Music Study 2012,” 40% who illegally downloaded music through peer-to-peer solutions in 2011 mentioned they had stopped or decreased their illegal downloads in 2012.General, the quantity of illegally downloaded songs from P2P services dropped by 26% in 2012 from 2011.

Portion of that was due to an overall decline in the use of P2P services. At the 2005 peek of P2P file sharing networks, 33 million people utilised them. For 2012, that quantity totaled 21 million.

PD cited 3 reasons, for the decline in illegal downloading:

1st and foremost, the rise of free of charge music streaming solutions has sliced into the recognition of illegal music downloads. Half of the folks polled who had stopped or cut back on their illegal downloads stated they did so simply because of the boost in free and legal music streaming services.

Second, the music industry’s legal tactics have forced several P2P internet sites to close shop. One of the most prominent examples was Limewire, which shut down nearly two years ago after a lawsuit discovered the firm liable of copyright infringement.

  And third, a fair number of P2P sites have established a bit as well risky, supplying viruses and spyware as element of the price to spend for totally free music.
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HC: Tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun
Seamos un tilín mejores
Y un poco menos egoístas
Tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun
Huele a esperanza
FR: In this typical endeavor
Huele a esperanza
GB: All of us perform collectively
HC: Tun tun tun tun tun tun tun tun
BO: We should embrace a new era of engagement
Because the time has come
UN Choir: To smell the hope!
GB: For growth to be sustained
It has to be shared

UN Choir: ohhh, We can smell the hope!
BO: The time has come
UN Choir: To smell a far better world!!
FR: A better planet to reside in for future generations everywhere.

AG: Never get sick
That’s appropriate, don’t get sick
If you have insurance coverage, never get sick
If you do not have insurance coverage, do not get sick
If you are sick, don’t get sick
Just never get sick
That is the Republicans’ well being care plan
CC: He has a chart
AG: An angry chart
CC: A chart that aids us find out!
AG: ooh ooh ah ah
If you get sick in America, die rapidly
That’s right–the Republicans want you to die swiftly if you get sick
AG: I agree!
CC: He agrees!
AG: Angrily!
CC: Cuz he’s angry!

KO: Afford to live?
Are we at that point?
Are we so heartless?
How can we not be united against death?
Us: My BFF Gilgamesh knows eternal life’s an impossible quest

The resources exist for your father and mine to get the exact same therapy
Us: Yeah, we’re in agreement
But very first we gotta lay down some
All: High speed rail
Us: Bail out some
All: Banks
Us: Save your daddy with the leftover adjust

KO: How can we be so heartless?
Us: We’re nihilists!
KO: How can we be so heeeeaaartless?
Us: We’re tryna die fast!
KO: What more clear role could government have
Than the defense of the life of each and every citizen?

KC: How is the Nobel Peace Prize decided?
BS: Nicely, uh, that is what folks have been asking all day nowadays
Bølverk: We mix a secret potion,
And roll the ancient dice,
Then employ a focus group
And have a human sacrifice.
KC: A lot of folks are asking right now why do you consider the committee elected President Obama?
Bølverk: I believe a prize for peace need to go to the most significant wuss.
BS: They have been providing Obama a prize for not getting George Bush.
Choir: They can smell the hope!!
KC: Take a deep breath!
Choir: And hope a smelly globe!
KC: A deep breath!
FR: A better globe to reside in for future generations everywhere