Meet The Billion Dollar Coin Guy?A Review of Mike Mezack


Mike Mezack is an icon in this industry. The entire network marketing community has been agog since the news filtered in that Mike Mezack is joining the industry. And yes, you guessed right, he is joining that arm of MLM that markets Silver and Gold—the Numis network. It is perhaps the best thing that can happen to this spanking new but bright-looking network marketing firm.

Now who is Mike, and why should his entry into Numis MLM herald such hype? If you don’t know much about the Numis network, you could be forgiven— after all this MLM company is barely a year old as I write this. But if you know nothing about Mike Mezack himself, then that has to be strange. Mike is the world’s greatest numismatic personality. He is simply a celebrity in this specialized activity.

He presently does over $ 100 million worth of collectible coins each year. And considering that he is logged in over 20 years in the collectible coin market, Mr. Mezack has literally sold over $ 1 billion dollars worth of gold and silver coins.

Folks, this is huge by any standard; it is impressive enough to sell $ 1 billion dollars worth of anything as an individual. But to have done that in a niche like the numismatic coin market is simply breathtaking! Is it any wonder that he is often referred to as “The Coin Guy”?

Mike Mezack started out as if propelled by an invisible hand. He did his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in history, a decision that once prompted his dad to jokingly ask Mike if he was going to “open a history store.” Whether Mike himself knew back then that he was going to specialize in iconic items or not is uncertain. But as things have turned out, he has become the foremost dealer in modern issue gold and silver coins.

There are several other ways Mike Mezack has affected the numismatic market like no one else has. For example, he almost single-handedly started what has now become the most sought-after category of collectable coins—the Silver American Eagles. It is also thanks to him that modern issue coins are now graded. Not a few grading companies derided the idea of grading this category of coins when Mike first muted the idea.

But at the moment, grading and certifying modern issue coins have become the norm. In fact the practice itself has become big business in the numismatic market, constituting a major source of income for grading companies. Meanwhile this was a business opportunity the world almost missed were it not for Mike Mezack!

It is against this background that I believe Mike Mezack’s partnership with the Numis network will benefit not only both parties, but also the entire numismatic market—and even the network industry as a whole. Numis network are the first to take the collectable coin industry into MLM (by the way the collectable coin market itself is a thriving, $ 100 billion-a-year industry, and still growing). And as pointed out above, this guy is simply an authority in the industry.

So what don’t you expect from this union? The Numis network opportunity is surely enticing since they are literally marketing money. And mike’s reputation in the numismatic industry will surely bring lots of credibility into this network opportunity. Also since it’s generally believed that the numismatic market is now poised for exceptional growth, Mike’s entry into the Numis network is perfectly timed.

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