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Memorial Day Facebook Quotes &amp Sayings: Soldiers are regarded as as the backbone of any nation. Now it is time to give a warm tribute to these soldiers who died in serving the nation. To celebrate this memorial day on Facebook, we have collected some chosen Memorial Day Facebook Quotes &amp Sayings which are specially collected for this day. If you are Facebook users &amp want to celebrate this day on this social networking web site, then you can use these Quotes of Memorial Day to keep in mind those heroes.
Memorial Day Facebook Quotes &amp Sayings

Memorial Day Facebook Quotes
Memorial Day Facebook Quotes

Memorial day 2014 FB Quotes &amp Sayings
Memorial day 2014 FB Quotes &amp Sayings

Correct patriotism isn’t low cost.
It really is about taking on a fair
share of the burden of
maintaining America going.

Man is a military animal,
glories in gunpowder,
and loves parade.

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There is nothing incorrect with
America that cannot be cured
with what is proper in America.

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A man’s country is not a particular area of land,
of mountains, rivers, and woods,
but it is a principle and patriotism
is loyalty to that principle.

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To me, Memorial Day is not just remembering
the fallen, but remembering these who nevertheless
fight for our lives, overseas and on this soil.

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Mine is about a classmate and pal who
was killed by an IED final week.
He was the 1st casualty from
this war in our town.

These are the very best collection of Memorial Day Facebook Quotes &amp Sayings. All you have to do is just copy these very best Memorial Day Quotes &amp paste to your Facebook wall. Celebrate this festival with these quotes and sayings. Do not overlook to share these quotes with your friends also. From our whole group, wish you really satisfied memorial day.