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In recent months, DRAM prices rising again and again, but also pulled up the particle NANDFlash prices. Major fab and module plants also repeatedly heard good news. Although the major memory manufacturers Product Orders and cash flow compared to early 2009, during the financial crisis has been more improvement, but that memory prices have also spread to Electronic Store in the retail price. So what now what kind of a memory product is what the situation, gave us the following Xiaobian to a depth of analysis, tell you about the inside of the round after round.

9 DRAM prices have jumped 13% Flash up 4%
9, the average monthly 1GbitDDR2DRAM Quote Approximately 1.70 U.S. dollars, more than last month, nearly 13%. DDR2 product out of stock situation, because Japan and South Korea’s memory chip manufacturers, have switched to develop into DDR3DRAM. PC makers on strong DRAM demand growth, partly because of Microsoft’s new system Windows7 needs, Windows7 will officially open on October 22 debut. Although Windows7 not a savior, but also greatly stimulated Windows7 memory area consumption. Generally used to make portable music type Players The 16GBNANDFlash, 9 monthly average price increase of 4% to 4.70 U.S. dollars. 32GB style prices rose 11% to about 7.50.

The popularity of smart phones, also increased the demand for Flash memory. An analyst speculation that the wave of price increases is because Apple Company A substantial increase in the number of its iPhone3GS products. Apple’s latest release of the iPod player Sell Also very good strong case. On the other hand, the world’s No. 2 NAND maker Toshiba big executives pointed out that the demand for high-capacity SD cards are also growing. Whether or flash memory in 10 months time, there will be further upward trend. China Southern cottage manufacturers, To further lower the costs could be a number of recent accumulation of a number of flash memory in order to meet the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s high-volume orders.

DRAM spot price hike had risen to 2.5 U.S. dollars
DRAM firm earlier this month after two U.S. dollars, with the peak demand for a continuation of last week’s gains since the DRAM speed, every day up more than 3% of the rate of progress, the current DDR3, DDR2 continued to go up, 1GbDDR2800MHz up 2.71%, to 2.5 U.S. dollars, hitting a new one and a half high.

1GbDDR2 rose 2.64% to 2.41 U.S. dollars; 1GbDDR3 rose 1 percent, to 2.35 U.S. dollars. Expected spot prices early this month, soaring more than 2 percent, 1GbDDR2 not only arrived 2.5 U.S. dollars, and the price beyond the DDR3, there is still opportunity to challenge the expected short-term high, but gains have been high band, rally may cool down later this month. With the stock to go Yang, Powerchip active expansion, favorable sales in October and then rising. September the park about 15% contract price increase, the contract price gains this month, is expected to heat, estimated the park October rose 2 percent over the contract price.

High-standard production technology scary Japanese memory chip maker Elpida announced end of the year into 40-nm process mass production, Elpida partner in Taiwan, Powerchip, Ray crystal subsequent follow-up, significant increase in cost competitiveness. As 40 nm Technology Nearly half of outputs increase, after Elpida Union closed test section will be expanded into a third-party power plant orders, simultaneously benefit. Elpida plans to spend 40 billion yen is about 452 million U.S. dollars, into 40-nanometer manufacturing process to improve productivity, Elpida said, from the current 50-nm products to the next generation process, each wafer output increase 44 %. Samsung semiconductor manufacturers

other son, Hynix Semiconductor are aggressively scaled process to increase the volume of output in a single wafer. Scaling through the process to reduce costs, on average, each nanometer generation, the input cost about 10 billion U.S. dollars. With memory prices rise, this year the mainstream DRAM prices rose about 3 times, with the strength of the semiconductor manufacturing plant to start another round of competition.

DRAM factories in Taiwan, only under the original League of the park, Micron, Inotera 40 nm layout blueprint, is expected to develop a common approach through the end of next year to import. South Korean memory maker Hynix.12 announced, will begin volume production adoption of a 54 nanometer process technology 1GBDDR3DRAM, its power will save 30% increase in computation speed is nearly 1-fold higher than DDR2. Hynix said the company plans to introduce energy-saving technology in future products, including the upcoming production later in the season’s 44-nanometer process 2GBDDR3. In addition, Hynix plans to DDR3 at the end of 2009 before the proportion of capacity from the current 30% to 50%.

Based technology market research agency iSuppli statistics, 1GBDDR3DRAM and the overall market share of DDR3 has reached 87% at present. Upgrade to the advanced production technology, can greatly reduce production costs, thus to memory products more price competitive. SABUNG AYAM