Mera Naam Joker (New Series) on ABP News

Laughing is the best medicine! The series ‘Mera Naam Joker’ on ABP News is all about delivering laughter to the folks as delivered by the unsung artists of Hindi cinema-the Comedians. This series is a tribute to all these comic artists who brought laughter into the lives of their millions of fans, but never ever got their rightful place in the Indian cinema. Their fascinating story will be narrated by the inimitable tv host &amp actor Shekhar Suman. Shekhar, who has previously hosted quite profitable shows like Poll Khol andMovers &amp Shakers with nailing sense of humor, came back on tv with Mera Naam Joker. Talking about the show, Shekhar mentioned,’Normally the film-primarily based shows speak only about the reigning stars of cinema. But the premise of this show is diverse and extremely fascinating. Here we are speaking about the brilliant comedy actors of hindi cinema. Some of the comedy actors have been outstanding and commanded their own fan following. But somehow they have been lost in glamour and glitter of film sector. There are so a lot of stories related to them that will be shown in the show.”
So several well-known comic actors of Hindi cinema created magic and laughter with their brilliant comic timing, distinct style and sparkling sense of humor. The individuals who brought laughter on the faces of millions of fans through their on-screen antics, have some really fascinating off-screen stories to tell. This is a series celebrating the life and times of the popular comic actors of the past.
The show is all about how a comic actor riding on their sheer talent had become bigger than a lot of lead actors of their times. Some of them even allege that the large stars conspired against them. This series will demonstrate a distinct facet of cinema that is entertaining as nicely as informative at the very same time.
It is an irony that all the big stars of Hindi cinema are scared of getting labeled as great comedy actors as in Hindi cinema, good acting is always synonymous with severe ‘intense’ roles. These are the roles for which they get ideal actor awards. Even though all the stars agree that comedy roles are difficult to execute as compared to the so-referred to as ‘intense’ roles. However they are terrified of getting typecast as comedians. In hindi cinema, comedy and comedians typically do not get their rightful respect often.
The series talks about the ace comedians of the hindi cinema. There have been many artistes- Johny Walker, Mehmood, Jagdeep, to Rajendra Nath, Asrani and Johny lever. Each and every with a distinct comic style and a extremely intriguing story about how they became an on-screen Joker. What was so special about their designs of comedy and how they obtain their nodal point of achievement?
The series is hosted by the popular television host Shekhar Suman. He is a element of the film business considering that last three decades. He has personally known numerous comic actors of Hindi cinema and has some really intriguing anecdotes to inform the audience. He stated, “This is an critical show in the history of film journalism. The analysis team of ABP News has worked extremely tough in bringing some intriguing and unheard details about these comedy actors. Do you know Asrani’s mannerisms in Sholay were inspired by Hitler? Why did several super stars refused to function with Comedian Mehmood? There are several such exciting anecdotes in the show. I can say that the series Mera Naam Joker will be loved by the audience.”
The USP of the series is its meticulous investigation by the team of ABP news. The production values are grand. It is an in-residence production of ABP News. Mera Naam Joker will make you laugh and make you think as nicely. It is time to laugh on the brainy comedy.