Merger Will Increase Destinations And Services For Midwest Airlines Travelers

Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines are smack dab in the middle of a merger that has not been kept a secret. The two airlines began negotiations in early 2010 and agreed on the merger in April of 2010 with a goal of completing the merger by 2011. But Midwest brings a tremendous amount of experience as well as valuable resources to this newly formed alliance. Midwest had over fifty destinations to begin with as well as small regional airline agreements in market share.

Midwest has been transporting customers out of Milwaukee WI. for many years. In addition to serving destinations in the US, they have been flying south of the border to Mexico and other locations, too.

Because Midwest Airlines and Frontier Airlines are in the process of merging, there may be a period of possible confusion regarding various programs. If you have a Midwest Miles account, all of the accumulated miles and rewards that you have earned will be totally transferred to a Frontier account. Your new account will be the Frontier Early Returns account but it will be assigned the same number that your Midwest Miles account had under the old system. Midwest Airlines has assured the public that no miles will be lost during the process of merging. For customers who have questions, Midwest/Frontier has set up some dedicated lines of customer service just for answers.

As you’ve probably noticed many small carriers avoid having the seating designation of first class only. That includes Midwest/Frontier, but they have a unique program for those who simply must have more space ? at least a little more. They call the program STRETCH and only apply it to the first four rows of the airplane. So in some abstract manner it is different, although not quite first class.

Both of these airlines offer corporate travelers special programs designed for the business professionals. Naturally, what will happen is all Midwest corporate programs will be absorbed into Frontier’s existing programs with no loss of any accrued benefits. If your business travels more than thirty roundtrips per month you will benefit from this customized discount. There are other criteria, but in general you may be eligible for a corporate discount.

It might surprise you to know that you as a business benefit from the program but your employee also benefits from this program. As far as small carriers are concerned, Midwest has a good reputation. This makes the merger with Frontier pretty understandable. Mergers are performed to strengthen the assets and enhance profitability for both businesses. So, basically, the merger is great for both Frontier Airlines and Midwest. SABUNG AYAM
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