Michael Jackson’s Self Image

Hearing the news about Michael Jackson’s untimely death was a shock to everybody. Anybody under the age of 45 has grown up with his music which has covered 4 decades! Love or hate his music, everybody has heard it and you can only admire his musical talent and stamina for producing so much.

But like many child stars, Michael Jackson lost his childhood and his privacy, living the majority of his 50 years in the public eye. As I was watching footage of his extraordinary life from child phenomenon to the King of Pop, I cannot help feeling sad that his life cannot have been a happy one.

Looking at the physical transformation from the happy smiling child Michael was when he first sang with his siblings to the sad, pinched and pale Michael of recent years, it amazes me what somebody will do to change their appearance to “conform” to an image they perceive as “the look”.

Plastic surgery, Botox and many other cosmetic surgical procedures are becoming more and more common place and are no longer prohibited to movie stars, pop singers and celebrities. Ordinary women and men are resorting to the surgeon’s knife. I find this a frightening trend and one that suggests that there is only one “look” that is beautiful.

Beauty comes in many forms and a person’s individuality is often their charm. If we all looked the same we would no longer be beautiful. Women in particular are very good at looking in the mirror and only seeing the bits they don’t like. So many times I have women telling me about their “fat legs” or “big nose” or “horrible hair”. My aim with women like this is to try to get them to focus on the things that are beautiful about them. By concentrating on the good bits and showing them to their best advantage, we can ignore the bad bits and nobody will notice.

Wearing colours and clothes that compliment the body shape you have will enhance the best of you. Focusing on these “good” features will give you confidence to celebrate the body you have, without resorting to major surgery which carries risks that, in my opinion are not worth taking.

Michael Jackson couldn’t focus on his best features due to all sorts of psychological reasons that will be debated for many years to come but for the rest of us “ordinary” people, being content with the way we look is not an impossible dream.