Microsoft Money – Is Personal Accountz a Good Substitute?

Microsoft Money is a money management software program that has served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. It is a great tool for keeping track of your personal finances so the news that Microsoft are discontinuing this popular product is causing problems for many of its customers.

You can keep on using Microsoft Money, of course, but if you run the latest Windows operating systems such as Vista or Windows 7 then you will experience compatibility issues. As your PC ages and becomes due for replacement this issue will become more important.

Luckily there is a UK based money management system called Personal Accountz available that is being actively supported and developed. It also runs on Windows based PC’s, Apple Macs and even Linux. Is it a suitable alternative to Microsoft Money though?

Being able to run Personal Accountz on a number of operating systems is a definite plus, but so is it’s price. It costs only £39 including VAT and you get unlimited free forum support should you run into any problems using it. You can also buy boxed versions of the software that includes a CD and hard copy manual so you are never far from assistance if you need it.

The software is well designed and many users find that it can be more simple and intuitive to use than Microsoft’s system as all account transactions are made on one page without having to switch between accounts as you have to do in the Microsoft program. This means that it is possible to add a large number of transactions without switching between different bank, credit card and savings accounts.

This feature is particularly helpful and time saving if you store up your credit card receipts and other financial transactions until the end of the month before entering them into your money management software.

This different way of working may initially be foreign to Microsoft Money users, however Personal Accountz users generally seem to make the transition between personal accounting systems quite smoothly.

Another benefit of using Personal Accountz is that it is a very “lightweight” program so it only uses minimal processing and memory resources on your computer. This ensures that the software can be used on a very wide range of computers, which need not be state of the art.

Reports and budgeting tools are a strength of Microsoft Money, so users thinking of migrating to Personal Accountz will be pleased to see that it provides a wide range of automated bar and chart reports as well as reconciliation and budgeting tools.

So Personal Accountz does seem to be a good choice for Mi

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